So They're Going To Share a Room. Here's what you'll need....

By Danielle Halibey | Photo by Chasing Paper

Whether you’re adding a new member to your fam, moving to a new place with less space or just want your babes to have more bonding opps while they’re growing up, strategizing a room share between/among your children might just be the best idea ever. That being said, before your littles become bunkmate besties, you’re bound to experience some growing pains — totally normal and 100 percent to be expected. It’s not like there’s an easy compatibility test or roommate questionnaire that you can have your eight-month-old fill out to ensure an ever-successful match-up. 

So, to help you navigate all the highs and lows that can come with a decision to room them together, we’ve called in the experts: Parents who have #BeenThereDoneThat and know what works (or at least, what worked for them) for this co-op living arrangement. There’s no exact science behind the most copacetic room configurations, but leading with the below POV is a surefire way to start fostering a 👍❤️🙌 rooming situation between siblings.  

Because You Lit-Er-Ally Just Had A Baby….