7 Maternity Pillows To Help You Sleep Through the Night Because the sleep struggle is real.

By Danielle Halibey l Photo by HATCH

There are a lot of reasons why being pregnant and sleeping well are two phrases that barely ever appear together. From very early on, maybe even before you get that positive pee stick, your sleep situation can change. First trimester naps on the couch—and when we say naps, we mean actual mini slumbers, drool and all—can be cute and comfy, but nighttime sleep is a whole other thing. You might have trouble sleeping on your stomach (because, the boob soreness is unreal) or wind up building a tower out of pillows to sleep upright, if heartburn has already found its way into your chest and throat and plans on hanging out for the next nine months. And then, as your bump starts growing and the bodily fatigue sets in, the physicality of sleeping is a hot mess. You can’t sleep this way, you can’t sleep that way, you’re up to pee 24 times a night, and temperature regulation is a very unfunny joke.

That’s why a pregnancy pillow can be 100% life-changing, just like your favorite pair of maternity leggings or your I’ll-only-drink-out-of-this water bottle. Not only can a pregnancy pillow help you deal with sleep positions you don’t prefer (it’s me, hi, I’m the back and belly sleeper who literally could not stand sleeping on my side throughout my pregnancies) and give you something to lean on and snuggle up with—like, actually—when the idea of spooning with or getting touched by your partner or whoever you share the bed with makes you cringe. And yes, that happens a bunch. A lot of maternity pillows also serve a purpose post-pregnancy, when you’re nursing or bottle feeding your babe and need a cozy spot for them to rest and a cocoon-like pillow to be your supportive and secure home base.

If you’re looking for a bomb pregnancy pillow to get you through nine months of sh*tty sleep, be there for you in subsequent pregnancies, if you have them, and/or any time you just need to wrap yourself around something soft and squishable, here are the ones you’ll want to add to cart. Bump-hugging, body-aligning, sense-calming, and cool-on-contact comfort—you can count on all of it, plus ultimate straddle-worthiness 👇