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Spring Fertility Launches Campaign to Support Women on the Path to Parenthood Because there is no *ONE* journey.

By Ruthie Friedlander

Mother’s Day is a joyous occasion for many, but it can be a challenging and emotional time for women who are struggling with infertility or have experienced pregnancy loss. Recognizing the pain, grief, and isolation that can accompany this day, our friends at Spring Fertility have launched a compassionate campaign to remind those on their unique path to parenthood that they are not alone. Through a collection of heartfelt letters and a focus on community support, Spring Fertility aims to bring hope and understanding to those who need it most.

Let’s talk goals. The goal of Spring Fertility‘s campaign is twofold. Firstly, they aim to provide a sense of solidarity and support for individuals and couples who are struggling with fertility issues or have experienced pregnancy loss. By amplifying the voices and stories of its community members, Spring Fertility hopes to reassure others that they are seen, heard, and understood. Secondly, the campaign seeks to destigmatize conversations surrounding infertility and pregnancy loss, making it easier for individuals to find the resources, support, and community they need on their family-building journeys. We all know we could use a lot more of that.

Spring Fertility’s initiative was born out of a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those struggling with infertility or experiencing pregnancy loss. With statistics showing that 1 in 6 couples receives an infertility diagnosis and approximately 26% of pregnancies result in miscarriage, these issues touch the lives of many individuals and families. The desire to create a strong and supportive community where people can share their experiences and find solace in knowing they are not alone sparked the idea for this campaign.

We spoke with Dr. Julia Conant, a clinical psychologist at Spring Fertility, who offered valuable tips and advice for coping with the emotions that arise during Mother’s Day. 

“First and foremost, extend yourself compassion for whatever feelings you may experience,” she told us.” “They may be painful, but they are not forever and do not define who you are. We have been talking in our IVF Support and Pregnancy Loss groups at Spring about ways for intended mothers to feel as whole as possible in their activities on Mother’s Day, when feelings about the profound absence or uncertainty around motherhood are acutely present or losses such as pregnancy loss or disappointing treatment outcomes may be quite invisible to the outside world. This may mean (re)connecting with an activity or outlet that feels creative or self-nurturing or surrounding yourself with a person or people who you can talk freely and openly with about your full emotional experience. If the ‘highlight reels’ of social media are activating difficult feelings like anger or envy, or setting off an unhelpful self-critical thought process, stay off for a few days surrounding the holiday. And, I repeat, be kind and sensitive to yourself about the feelings and reactions that may come up in this process, often marked by so much loss.”

For family and friends of individuals going through fertility treatment or grieving a pregnancy loss, it is crucial to practice empathy and validation. Instead of trying to problem solve (which, let’s face it, you can’t), actively listening and acknowledging their emotional journey can make a significant difference. Loved ones can offer support by being present, asking how they can help, and embracing uncertainty alongside their loved ones.

Individuals who have experienced infertility or pregnancy loss themselves have a unique opportunity to support and encourage others on similar journeys. Openly sharing their struggles helps reduce stigma, combat isolation, and soften feelings of anger or blame. Instead of forcing optimism, they can provide a safe space for others to express their grief and uncertainty. By actively showing up and offering support, they can inspire hope and resilience in others.

Spring Fertility is committed to supporting individuals and couples navigating the challenging pathway to parenthood. Through personalized and patient-centered care, they provide holistic support that extends beyond medical treatments. With the inclusion of in-house psychology services, Spring Fertility recognizes the importance of mental health in the fertility journey. Services such as ongoing therapy, support groups for processing trauma and loss, and evidence-based strategies for coping with anxiety and uncertainty are available to patients. By addressing the various stressors and emotions involved, Spring Fertility empowers individuals to navigate their journey with resilience and hope.

Spring Fertility’s campaign to honor Mothers in Waiting is a powerful testament to their commitment to supporting individuals and couples on their path to parenthood. By amplifying the voices of their community members and fostering a sense of solidarity, Spring Fertility aims to remind everyone facing fertility challenges or pregnancy loss that they are not alone. Through their comprehensive approach, which includes medical treatments and in-house psychology services, Spring Fertility empowers individuals to navigate their journey with strength and resilience. By destigmatizing conversations around infertility and pregnancy loss, they create a safe and understanding space for individuals to find the support and resources they need. As we commemorate Mother’s Day, it’s crucial to remember and honor the experiences of those who are still waiting to become mothers, and Spring Fertility’s initiative serves as a powerful reminder that hope, understanding, and community are always within reach.