Sustainable nursery itemsSustainable nursery items

9 Sustainable Nursery Items Your Interior Decorator Will OK We had the experts weigh in.

By Babe | In partnership with Crate & Kids

So you’re ready to start decorating your nursery. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Do you go for a neutral paint job or an insta-worthy wallpaper? Are you a monochromatic mama who insists on 50 shades of beige, or an all-color-everywhere vibe that incites all your baby’s senses?

Whether you’re opting for something minimal or wildly unique, there are two things we know you won’t want to compromise on: safety for your baby and safety for their environment. 

Here, we round up 9 sustainable nursery must-haves, that are equal parts appealing to the eye and to Mother Nature, thanks to Crate & Kids’ Kim Doren and sustainability expert and founder of Abby’s Food Court, Abby K. Cannon.

This article was written in partnership with Crate & Kids.