The 10 Items You Need to Start Your Babe on Solids Yum!

By Jacquie Smith | Photo by Stokke

You’re finally feeling in the groove and confident with breastfeeding and bottle feeding and then your pediatrician tells you that your baby is ready for solids. Immediately you feel overwhelmed, and I did too! Even as an integrative nutrition health coach, I felt completely unprepared as to where to start from food to baby feeding essentials. 

Just like I’m conscious about eating organic foods as much as possible (it’s a must for the #dirtydozen), I’m also mindful about the dishware, utensils, and the containers we use in our house, especially for the baby. Why? The chemicals in plastic can leach into our foods and become a detriment to our health. These chemical exposures can cause a whole host of issues, including metabolic disorders (including obesity) and reduced fertility. We are exposed to enough toxins as it is, why add more?

This is why I’ve curated a registry list of my top baby feeding essentials that will make feeding your baby easy and nutritious. And if you’re looking for the ultimate homemade baby cookie that is way more nutritious than puffs, check out my recipe here!

Jacquie Smith is a certified integrative nutrition health coach from IIN and a fitness instructor specializing in barre, yoga, and pre/postnatal workouts. Her philosophy of “little adapts” allows clients to gradually instill small, positive changes to create a sustainable lifestyle through a mostly plant-based diet, daily movement and mental wellness. Her clients include PWC, NBA, Women’s Health, Core Club, and the 1 Hotel. You can learn more about her “little adapts” on her app, Little Adapts By Jax.