The 23 Items You Need on Day One with Babe Because you don't need EVERYTHING.

By Babe | Photo courtesy of Bobbie

I remember stressing when my new baby’s rug arrived after we brought him home from the hospital. HIS RUG. Because in order for him to feed, sleep, and poop, he required a gray and white Chevron rug from Pottery Barn Kids. That’s the anxiety so many pregnant people feel. That they need everything by the time baby comes, even though it’s actually the time these creatures need the least.

So we give you permission to build your baby’s assortment of essentials and non-essentials as they need it and not entirely beforehand. But, sorry to break it to ya, you’re still going to need some sh*t. Here are the only 23 items – and we’re being generous here – that you’ll need. We didn’t factor in whether or not you’ll breastfeed, formula feed, or combo feed, so we threw in all options. We also included a bassinet, though many parents might co-sleep in the beginning. And, depending on when you give birth (and where), you can skip certain seasonal items. Consider this the entry-level pu-pu platter of registry items.

Pick and choose at your will. For more registry intel, check out Nikki’s List, a one-and-done solution to the whole registry thing, courtesy of HATCH.