The 9 Items You - and Your Babe - Need Once It's Warm Out We see you, summer.

By Danielle Halibey

Lbh, being pregnant during the summer can suck. Like, real bad. But you can dress super cute, which makes up for some of the lameness (heartburn from drinking… water; swollen everything, because it’s hot AF; wetness everywhere, because hormones and human growing). If you’re due in the summer, then you’ll finally have a little sidekick to chill with when the weather turns up. Fun times to come, for sure, but it also means that you’ll need to keep both (or more, if you have a few little ones already or just welcomed multiples) of you hydrated, both of you protected, both of you comfortable, both of you cool, and both of you relaxed. 

But don’t sweat it—we gotchu. Keep these warm-weather essentials on deck and you and baby are golden (if not a little sun-kissed, too, mama).