The Best Strollers for City Parents From folding into Ubers to strolling through the park.

By Babe | Photo by UPPAbaby

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Buying a stroller is a doozy, but for city parents, it’s a whole new layer of complexity. We’re constantly on the go, and because we’re walking more than driving, our strollers must double as a handbag, storage space, refrigerator, diaper bag AND home for baby. We’re hopping in and out of cabs, walking to the train, loading onto the bus, and we need strollers that can keep the F up.

We polled our community of city mamas on their favorite city strollers. Their answers….below.

“I’d like to come on the record and state that this has been the best purchases I’ve ever made. We got the Doona right before I went into labor, and it was so easy to use, we were able to come out of the hospital with the baby in it the next day. Since then we have been using the Doona everyday, in Ubers, on ferries, at restaurants, to the beach and our baby has always felt comfy and happy when we seat him in it. The carseat, stroller situation is so clutch.”

“I love the fact that this stroller maneuvers so effectively with one hand. It pivots easily and squashes down to such a small size that I can fit it in my car trunk and still have room for the shopping. The fact that it fits overheard on a plane is genius because after an eight hour travel day, who on earth wants to stand at the foot of the plane waiting for their stroller?!”

“This is the greatest city stroller because it’s actually an all-terrain running stroller. So not only can you take it on every cobblestone street from Soho to DUMBO, but you can actually run the Westside Highway with it afterwards.”

“This stroller is a dream for tall parents. Most strollers we’re always hitting the bottom bar. This one is so easy to operate and works well for our long legs.

And the Bonus Award for best double stroller:

“I was dreading having to buy a double stroller, but once my son came along. I had no choice. This one is so super light and has a one-hand easy compact fold, two reclining seats and footrests plus extended canopy protection. My three-year-old and infant are equally comfortable, and getting it into the trunk of an Uber is a breeze.”