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The Food Paci That’ll Keep ‘Em Quiet And delivers nutrients, to boot.

By Babe | Photos by @naturebond_international

What’s that you hear? Nothing at all? Pure and utter silence? That’s because your baby is sucking on NatureBond’s Baby Fruit Feeder and Teether, a genius invention that offers all the yumminess of fruit and veggies but in a safe way that they can suck on, bite at and just hang with for hours. It’s the safest way to introduce babes to solid food as they wean and teethe and it can soothe a baby’s teething discomfort by massaging the gums through chewing. It’s even Babe-tested, mother-approved by our own head of marketing, Katie Goldsmith, who doles out little frozen bits of mango to her son all day to endless peaceful moments of sucking and eating. “My recommendation is to buy a few – one will be dirty, or you can put one to two in the freezer to fresh freeze something,” says Katie. Love a good pro-tip. Basically it’s a can’t-live-without item well worth the price.

Enjoy the quiet, you deserve it.