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Bugaboo’s Stardust Is The Vacation Hack You Need For the Holidays Because, sleep.

By In partnership with Bugaboo

Picture this: you’ve planned your first post-vaccination getaway to an island in the sun. Blue ocean, spicy guacamole, strong drinks…and your newly-sleeping-through-the-night infant that’s never been on a plane before. 

FUN, right? Right?!

“Sleeping is an essential part of your child’s development,” the experts at Bugaboo tell us, and we firmly agree (from experience). That’s why they created a play yard — aptly named the Bugaboo Stardust —  that makes naptime and playtime just a little bit easier on you and your little one.  And get this: its easy 1-second unfold makes it the ideal travel companion whether you’re en route to grandmas or the Bahamas. 

Three key features we’re obsessed with:

Safety first.

Like all things Bugaboo, the Stardust is compliant with all the latest safety standards so you (and bebé) can sleep easy, not to mention comfortably (the Stardust has a built-in multi-layered mattress!)

Simple unfolding.

Do not fear the unfold! Just unclip it, pull on the sides,  and the Stardust opens up! To fold it back, just press the buttons at the fold and push both sides back together. And yes, the mattress can be folded in with it. No caught fingers, injured limbs, or bruised knees, here.

Clean & easy.

The Stardust comes with a premium carry bag that basically begs you to take it on vacations with you. It’s made to be easily wipeable with a damp cloth so STAINS BE GONE!