This Mama-Safe Sunscreen Has Us Jonesing for the Next Beach Day Hello, Sunny Mama by HATCH

By Babe | Photos by HATCH

We’re all about less is more. Less late night doom-scrolling, less pregnancy fear-mongering, less foundation-wearing. But when it comes to sunblock? We’re of the more-is-more philosophy. And, unlike some TikTok influencers claiming that sunscreen is dangerous, we believe that mama and baby-safe sunblock is the safest way to step out this summer.

“Sunscreen, when used correctly – in quantity and frequency – can prevent burns, which are an additional risk for melanoma – a life threatening form of skin cancer,”says Dr. Claire Wolinsky, a dermatologist based in New York. “UVB and UVA exposure of the skin is known to lead to increased risk of skin cancer, skin pigmentation, wrinkles and other long term consequences.”

Not to mention that with all the various skincare woes moms-to-be are facing (helllooo stretch marks and dark spots. to name a few), lathering on the SPF feels all the more essential. It protects against discoloration and pigmentation of the skin, like melasma, which is highly UV sensitive. Also, for any pregnant mamas suffering from acne, sunscreen is important as an adjunct to your acne treatment to prevent dark spots. It also serves as an important anti-aging product when retinoids, retinols, and other non-pregnancy safe products have to be put on the no-no list.

So now that we’re squared there, how on earth is a pregnant woman dealing with ALL of the things (exhaustion, nausea, planning maternity leave etc.) supposed to understand which mama-safe SPF to buy? With all of the labels and buzzwords, it’s pretty confusing.

Enter HATCH, saving the day yet again with Sunny Mama, a new SPF for face and body that’s dermatologist and allergy tested, fragrance free and features 100 percent non-nano zinc oxide that safely and naturally protects the skin from the sun. It’s also silicone-free and water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

“It’s hard to navigate sunscreens and which ingredients are deemed “pregnancy safe” but I would opt for a product free of any chemicals known to pass through the placenta to a developing fetus,” says Dr. Wolinsky. “Non-nano zinc oxide SPF 50 is ideal and safe for use during pregnancy and lactation.”

Oh, and did we mention that Sunny Mama’s got squalane and hyaluronic acid plus nourishing botanicals like grapeseed and green tea extracts to smooth and hydrate the skin and support skin health, tone and elasticity? “Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid serve to hydrate and soothe dry, irritated skin,” says Dr. Wolinsky. “For additional antioxidant benefits, grapeseed and green tea extract are botanical ingredients that can protect the skin against the environment’s free radicals and possibly protect further against UV rays.” 

There ya have it – just another way that we got ya covered (literally) throughout this wild ride. Now go play in the sun. You deserve it.