Virtual Support: COVID Resources Curated By HATCH.

We know that pregnancy can be confusing and unsettling under normal circumstances, let alone now during all this uncertainty with COVID-19. With that in mind, we wanted to build out a resource page for all of you—a sort of all-access guide to the experts and services you need for whatever stage of pregnancy you’re in: whether it be before, during or after. Community is more important than ever now—we’re here to support and guide you through it all.

Not seeing a resource you’re looking for? Have a question about COVID-19? Email us at  and we’ll try our best to help. We’ll also be updating this page as we locate additional resources and answer more of your questions.


Kindbody offers virtual fertility consultations and support groups.

LOOM provides modern education to empower everyone from periods to parenting. Check out their COVID-19 Sexual & Reproductive Health Resources.


Dr Aviva Romm is offering support classes through pregnancy (as well as birth and postpartum) daily via Zoom accessible through her Facebook group here.

Maven, the largest telemedicine provider for women + family health, is offering a series of free doctor-backed resources during this confusing time. Use code HATCH50 to access free tele-health appointments with our network of doctors ($50 value). 

Carriage House Birth is offering pregnancy, infant feeding and postpartum support groups as well as virtual classes such as childbirth education and newborn care.


Interested in finding more about virtual pregnancy or postpartum Doulas? Reach out to Carriage House Birth or Birth Day Presence to find out more.

Mama Glow offers various gatherings to support women through pregnancy and birth. 

Keep moving! Some great digital fitness apps that have targeted pregnancy exercises like Fit Pregnancy Club, Melissa Wood Health, Every Mother, and The Sculpt Society.

A Mother’s Day Present from Expectful: a one-of-a-kind sleep story, created to celebrate you and other pregnant and new mothers around the world.


Robyn is offering downloaded videos of ChildBirth Education Class (3 hours) + Feeding Your Baby 101 Class (1.5 hours)

Boober offers virtual support and 1-on-1 tele-health sessions  for Lactation Support, Labor Support, Postpartum Care, and Mental Health Support. Check here for additional COVID-19 videos as it relates to pregnancy and lactation. is offering their Becoming Mama Birth Class Free here.

Los Angeles based doula Carson Meyer is sharing relatable birth stories with mothers via IG Live @ccmeyer.

SupportingHer is offering online classes to prepare partners for their role. Here is a free cheat sheet for dads and partners.


Jennie Monness, co-founder of Union Square Play, is offering new mom support groups (free but donate if you can).  

Motherhood Center provides tele-mental health appointments, webinars and virtual support groups.

Nest Collaborative, offers digital lactation support to mamas pre-baby and during the early stages of motherhood to navigate their breastfeeding needs/concerns all from the comfort of their home via tele-health.


COVID Conversation: Pregnancy, Postpartum + Parenting moderated by Diana Spalding of with Ariane Goldman, founder of HATCH, Jennie Monness, co-founder of Union Square Play and Mo’Mommies, Lucy Cuneo, photographer + 32 weeks pregnant, and Dr. Aviva Romm, midwife, MD, and herbalist.

Lucy Cuneo via Vogue: Reconsidering My Birth Plan Because of the Coronavirus

Mama Glow: Pregnancy & the Coronavirus – How to Prepare and Protect Yourself

New York Times: Pregnant & Worried About Coronavirus? 

Every Mother Counts is providing a resource hub with general information on COVID-19 and maternal health for expecting parents, new moms, and providers.

New York Times: Should You Breastfeed If You Have Coronavirus?

Robin Berzin, founder of Parsley Health, wrote an amazing article: What Does COVID-19 Mean for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Fertility?

Real-life mom’s discussing their experience Having A Baby During Coronavirus via Cup of Jo.

Read HATCH COVID FAQ from our advisory board including an OBGYB, midwife, lactation specialist, and mental health expert.


4/23: COVID Conversation: Pregnancy, Postpartum + Parenting
with Ariane Goldman, Jennie Monness (Mo’Mommies), Dr. Aviva Romm (midwife + herbalist), and Lucy Cuneo (photographer) moderated by Diana Spalding (

4/28: Birthing During COVID
with Shieva Ghofrany

4/28: Taking Time to Replenish with Reiki
with Kelsey Patel

4/28: Lactation Webinar
with Jada Shapiro

4/30 Getting the Support We Need
with Alice from SupportingHer