What are these dark splotches on my face?

Your skin’s going to do a lot of funky sh*t during pregnancy. Some good, some err…splotchy! If you’re experiencing sudden dark splotches all over your face, you’ve got the “mask of pregnancy,” or, according to a dermo, melasma. These spots will commonly show up on your forehead + cheeks and are the result of increased pigmentation. See, when you get pregnant, your body starts producing more hormones, which leads to more pigmentation. Don’t stress, nearly half of all pregnant women experience some sort of mask of pregnancy. To help prevent it, wear a really strong sunscreen (that’s mama + baby-safe, natch’) whenever you plan on being outside, as well as a sun hat. Fortunately, after pregnancy, your skin won’t be nearly as sensitive to the sun, though you should still practice good sun prevention anyway.