Here's What You Need to Fly with a Baby Under One You got this.

By Danielle Halibey | Photo by Stocksy

Let’s all pour one out for the days when all we needed to worry about before a flight was sticking to TSA-approved luggage weight limits, grabbing the latest issues of Cosmo and PEOPLE, and having enough gum to get through the hellishness of lift-off and landing. Because once you have an actual baby as your carry-on, things get a lot more complicated — even shorter flights are up in the air when you have an infant in tow. 

Thankfully, we’ve talked to enough parents and survived our own airplane adventures with littles to tell you that it can be done. Check out these first-class commodities — from oversized changing mats and comfy sneaks to bitsy-sized snacks and sanity-preserving sensory toys — guaranteed to keep your first-time flyers all kinds of happy from the time you board to the time you disembark

Even a few relievers for mama, too, because those cravings for an in-flight cocktail come on awfully quick when babe starts melting down and you’re still taxiing down the tarmac.