Say It Like It Is Five moms sound off on love (and sex!)

Given it’s the month of love, we’re taking a moment to tap into the magic that makes the world go round. Looking to a few of our fave moms on the topic, Hannah Bronfman, Pia Baroncini, Raquel Horn, Cyndi Rameriez, and Katie Lee share their thoughts on everything from gratitude for their partner to the heart exploding feeling of new motherhood. Cheers to the good stuff! 

Hannah Bronfman

Brilliant and soulful, Hannah’s a breath of fresh air. This multifaceted entrepreneur, who currently also lists author and founder on her resume, has a little one on the way. Resolved to empower other women through her story, Hannah’s vocalism on IVF has proven to be a beacon of hope for her community.

Rounding out her third trimester, Hannah shares her three-year-journey to becoming a mama, growing up in a blended family, raising kids rooted in their own identity, and learning to slow down. 

Plus, the skinny on her pregnancy wellness routine (take notes, ladies!) and morning ritual of coffee with Rainbo mushrooms, naturally.

“I thank my lucky stars every day to have such a supportive, loving, and calm husband. Having him by my side, through this process, was priceless. I don’t know what I would have done had our partnership not been solid and compassionate; he is my source of strength and inspiration.”

Pia Baroncini

As cool as they come with the brains (and soul) to match, Pia, the superstar creative director behind sought after fashion brand LPA, host of Everything is the Best podcast, and CMO of Ghiaia Cashmere is about to become a mom.

Recently, we hung with this all-around rockstar (and total smokeshow) to chat about her years-long road to conceive. Here, she dishes on being told she’s old, taking vitamins, saying prayers, seeing doctors, and crying on podcasts. And, how as fate would have it — just as she gave up — she got pregnant naturally and so very unexpectedly.

“We had a beautiful evening one night, simply loving each other with no agenda to ‘get pregnant,’ and that’s when we finally got pregnant…when we least expected it.”

Raquel Horn

Modern-day renaissance woman, creative director of Poppington, and partner to entrepreneur and music mogul Damon Dash, Raquel is a total vibe and the (very) new mama to their son, Dusko. In celebration of her journey to motherhood, we caught up with this soulful mom-boss while on location at their ranch in Wyoming *just* before she went into labor. Here, she shares her 7-year road to motherhood—from IVF to late-term loss—and healing in Hawaii before getting pregnant again. Plus, coping with infertility, creating content, being vegan, and living with gratitude.

“I didn’t know my heart could get this big; no one could have prepared me for what I feel as a mother, nor could I have ever imagined. I read about it, heard about it, but until I lived it, I could never have known the depths of my love.”

Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton

A master at chilling, this entrepreneur, and founder of relaxation destination, Chillhouse is readying herself for motherhood. Cool as can be, Cyndi is taking a balanced approach to pregnancy (naturally) guided by her intuition. Here, she shares her plans for incorporating her baby boy into her daily work life, clean-ish beauty routine, carbs, and wellness hacks, of course!

“After being together for so long, it’s an incredible thing to see the man I’ve loved for so many years become a father. We look at each other with deep admiration and a new level of love. I mean, watching him care for our son, how could I not fall more in love with him?” 

Katie Lee

Darling as ever, chef and author, Katie is becoming a mama after many rounds of IVF. Guided by the belief that it “just takes one,” this mother-to-be shares the ups and downs of getting pregnant and the power of new beginnings. Plus, how she’s embracing (and loving) her changing body, managing anxiety during self-isolation, and her words of encouragement to other women going through similar struggles.

“We would never have been able to spend this much time together pre-Covid, which has been such a blessing. He is so great too and reading all of these books. Lucky for me, we make an excellent team!”