Why am I constipated?

Constipation is one of those rarely-discussed symptoms of pregnancy that affects just about everyone. It’s thought to be a result of hormones that relax the intestinal muscle + make food and waste move slower through the system, and by the pressure of a growing uterus on your intestines. Here are a few ways to reduce constipation:

  • Eat A High Fiber Diet: We’re talking 25-30 grams per day. Fruits, veggies, bran, prunes. You know it. 
  • Drink Fluids, Lots of Them: 10-12 cups per day! 
  • Get Moving: Walk, swim and do anything moderately to keep everything flowing.
  • Use Certain OTC Remedies: Metamucil is Category B and Colace, a stool softener, is also safe to use. Laxatives + Mineral Oil are pregnancy no-no’s.