Why am I having such mood swings?

You’re bloated, you’re stressed + you’re shouldering ALL the burden of bringing new life into this world. One minute you’re full of unbridled joy, and the next minute you want to toss a chair at your partner. Welcome to mood swings, the highs and lows of pregnancy (and motherhood, if we’re being totally honest). While these swings can be attributed to the general stress of pregnancy, there’s a bit more going on beneath the surface. Beyond the physical and metabolic changes (plus fatigue), your estrogen + progesterone levels are running amok in your body, which can affect your neurotransmitters, aka the brain chemicals that regulate mood. As your hormones even out after 10 weeks, so too should your feelings. But, if you find that you just can’t get a hold on things, call your medical provider to discuss options in seeking support.