Is it Safe to Masturbate During Pregnancy? Get the scoop.

By Babe | Photo by Stocksy

Just because you’re a pregnant woman doesn’t mean you’re not a sexual woman. Actually, many women find that they’re even hornier during pregnancy because of all those sexin’ hormones coursing through your body. As progesterone and estrogen increase, so too does your arousal levels. (The caveat being that this doesn’t occur for EVERYONE, so if you’re feeling less freakish than usual, do not worry!) Plus, as you get bigger, your favorite tried and true positions can be even harder to make happen, so masturbation is a great way to relieve some sexual tension without the work.

“Masturbation is perfectly safe,” says Dr.

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Shieva Ghofrany, an OB-GYN based in Stamford, CT.
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“Assuming you don’t have any reason to not put something into your vagina, like placenta previa or any other history of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. Even then you could still have an orgasm through external stimulation.”

If you’re having a high risk pregnancy, then having any kind of orgasm can increase chances of going into labor, particularly later in your pregnancy. This is due to your uterine muscles contracting as well as semen ejaculated into the vagina can cause the cervix to soften and trigger labor. Also, it’s likely best to sit out masturbation, or even sex in general if you’re having signs of preterm labor, or you have a history of preterm labor with previous pregnancies.

BUT, if you’re feeling increased levels of sexual desire and you’re having a relatively normal pregnancy, then get busy! FYI – if you usually use toys or devices, discontinue use if they are uncomfortable or if they cause cramps. It’s also important to clean these items in-between each use.

If you have any questions on masturbation during pregnancy, hit up your medical provider.