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9 Beach Read After Dark It's getting hot in here.

Currently awaiting the arrival of my second little champ in late May, and glowing, thanks to my unwavering bond with Hatch during my initial maternity journey. My devotion to their belly oil could fill pages! It’s an honor to grace this month’s newsletter, where I’ve been invited to unveil my top 9 BRADs — a tribute for each month of this beautiful journey. For those in the loop, BRAD is my playful spin on a genre that dances in the twilight of literature, sidestepping labels like “smut,” “erotica,” or “bodice rippers” for something a tad more enigmatic. BRAD, or Beach Read After Dark, celebrates romance novels that aren’t shy about turning up the heat. While plots might weave in, the real allure lies in the sultry passages that transport us from one fiery encounter to the next. These reads aren’t just my guilty pleasure; they’re a secret ingredient to keeping the spark alive, especially during the whirlwind of new parenthood. Ready to dive in? Below, I’ve shared my curated list. For those craving more, feel free to frolic over to my website or catch a glimpse of my world on Instagram.

Katie is the creator of Beach Reads & Bubbly, an Instagram account and blog dedicated to sharing her favorite reads. The account flourished after Katie began sharing fun and engaging reviews with friends, and it has grown into a wonderful community of smart and vivacious readers. She loves getting lost in a beach read, from sweet romances to twisty thrillers, and pairs each book with a tasty book-related cocktail. Beach Reads & Bubbly is about getting lost in the captivating world of books with beauty & fashion sprinkled in.