9 Parenting Podcasts to Download ASAP Because it's. a. journey.

By Babe | Photo by Stocksy

Before you even think about pushing that baby out, you’re going to want to download these parenting podcastings like, now. Because parenting is a journey, and sometimes, really hard journeys require a few guides. The following experts, doctors, comedians and regular people lend us their POV on everything from diapering to discipline, and with all that nursing and napping time on the horizon, they’re the perfect alternative to mindless Instagram scrolling. You might even pick up a hack or two, or at the very least, start to understand the kind of parent you want to be and the kind of relationship you want to have down the line. You’re welcome.

1. The Longest Shortest Time: You can expect a laugh, a good cry, and even a few surprised on The Longest Shortest Time, an inclusive parenting podcast that covers a wide range of topics related to parenthood. Hosted by author and journalist Hillary Frank, and featuring interviews with parents, experts, and celebrities like Ina May, Busy Phillips and John Hodgman, the show explores the joys and challenges of parenting, and offers practical advice and insights for parents. There’s even a teen panel if you want a look into what you can expect in a few years.

2. Parenting Beyond Discipline: Parenting Beyond Discipline is a podcast hosted by Erin Royer, MA Psy. -aka the go-to expert on all things parenting and child development for today’s common challenges. Her parenting podcast covers way more than just discipline. She dives into topics such as self-esteem, development and health, modern parenting issues and even education. You can expect subject matters ranging from how we teach respect and decency to how the F to get our kids off their screens, with a few smatterings of coping skills in-between.

3. Raising Good Humans: We lerrrrrve Babe contributor, Dr. Aliza Pressman and her podcast Raising Good Humans. (Check out all of her stories on Babe here!) As a preeminent developmental psychologist and parenting expert, Dr. Pressman breaks it down with fellow experts and psychologists to offer insights and advice on a range of parenting topics, from managing tantrums to fostering resilience in children.

4. One Bad Mother: One Bad Mother is a parenting podcast hosted by comedians Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn. It centers around motherhood and how unnatural it can often feel. With such guest stars as Maggie Smith, Michelle Tea and Laurie Kilmartin, these ladies go deep on thee thrills and embarrassments of motherhood and how to strive for less judging and more laughing. The show offers a humorous take on the challenges of parenting, and covers topics such as sleep deprivation, work-life balance, and dealing with unsolicited parenting advice.

5. The Dad Train: On this dad focused podcast, host Scott Davison interviews experts on a range of topics covering self-improvement, relationships and parenting. “Because being a dad is an amazing experience, but it can also be challenging,” Davidson says. topics include redefining fatherhood for the modern dad, managing emotionally sensitive kids and reigniting passion in the bedroom (cuz, men).

6. Unruffled: In the 25-plus years Janet Lansbury has worked with children and parents, she’s learned a lot. She’s here to share it with you. Each episode of Unruffled addresses a reader’s parenting issue through the lens of Janet’s respectful parenting philosophy, consistently offering a perspective shift that ultimately frees parents of the need for scripts, strategies, tricks, and tactics. The show focuses on respectful parenting techniques, and offers advice on how to communicate effectively with children, set boundaries, and foster healthy relationships. Janet also answers listener questions and shares personal stories about her own parenting experiences.

7. Where Should We Begin?: Less parenting and more relationship focused, Where Should We Begin? is a relationship podcast hosted by renowned therapist Esther Perel. Each episode features a real-life couple who are struggling with various issues in their relationship. Through candid and intimate conversations, Esther helps the couple explore their underlying feelings and needs, and offers insights and strategies to help them move forward. This season Esther speaks to a constellation of new relationships: A couple wrestling with the guilt they feel over the happiness their infidelity created. Another trying to make space for their queerness in an outwardly appearing hetero relationship. A set of friends trying to sort out if their childhood friendship needs to continue into adulthood. And Esther checks back in with couples from seasons past to see where they are now as she creates a space for us to hear our own lives and struggles articulated in the stories of others.

8. Modern Love: Like the must-read column each week (that later became a hit show), Modern Love is also a podcast hosted by New York Times editor Daniel Jones. Each episode features a reading of a personal essay from the newspaper’s popular Modern Love column, followed by a conversation between Daniel and the author. The stories cover a range of topics related to love and relationships, and offer insights and perspectives that can be both entertaining and thought-provoking. While not geared towards parenting per se, happier relationships often make for happier parenting, don’t ya think?

9. Dear Sugars: This relationship podcast hosted by writer Cheryl Strayed and author Steve Almond offers ways to counsel others with radically empathetic advice. Each episode features the hosts answering letters from listeners who are struggling with various relationship issues, from infidelity to communication problems. The show offers empathetic and thoughtful advice, and is known for its candid and heartfelt approach to relationship issues.