Pregnant Woman in Summer Maternity DressPregnant Woman in Summer Maternity Dress

Our Guide to Vacation Clothes. Because you deserve to look great on your babymoon.

By Babe

It’s time to give that baby bump a peek at the sun (with a healthy dose of SPF) and take that well-deserved vacation. After all, you deserve it. When you’re relaxed and beaming with the post-travel glow, your baby will feel the sunshine, too.

Trust us. 

Now, all you need is a wanderlust-inducing wardrobe that’ll make you want to take the walking tour and book a boat ride. 

All mamas deserve to feel their best, whether you’re lounging by the beach, touring ancient ruins, or trying out some food you’ve never had before. If you’re ready for all the “oohs” and “ahhs” of a special getaway, check out our comprehensive guide to the perfect maternity vacation clothes.

The Benefits of Rest & Relaxation During Pregnancy 

Not only is some OOO Time the perfect chance to turn off your work phone and discover new places, but it can also actually be a great support for your mental health. Whether you and your partner call it your “babymoon,” or you simply call it your “I deserve-this-moon,” it’s a popular decision to take a pre-baby vacation for a reason.  

Whether you’re having your first or third baby, things are about to change for you in a big way. Life will be different; days will be filled with nursing, pumping, diapers, and late nights. A little you-time in the sunshine can help put you in the best mindset for the exciting (and exhausting) challenges ahead.

The Clothing Guide to a Perfect Vacay

Now that you’ve got your heart set on a destination, let’s get your wardrobe set for a few scrapbook memories you’ll never forget. Slip into something comfortable, snap on a cute new bathing suit, or step out in a showstopping maxi dress! It’s time to break down the must-haves and more in our guide to cute maternity vacation clothes.

Mamas Who Lounge

Is it just us, or does laying down feel exponentially better when you’re doing it on resort furniture? Between work and housework and literally creating new life inside of your body, you might be a little tired lately. Lay down and close your eyes, mama

If you’re looking for an extra luxurious experience, you definitely should dress the part. There are plenty of potential casual maternity vacation clothes that are perfect for the ultimate R&R.

Tanks a Lot

There’s no better way to relax than with the sun and your skin and the coziest clothes. Mama, meet your perfect vacation top. A simple, sleeveless  Body Rib Tank goes a long way in style and comfort.

You’ll have freedom of movement, the feeling of the breeze on your arms, and it’ll look like you were planning a photoshoot for later that day. (Even if all you were really planning was ordering french fries by the wave pool).

Instant Perfection

Because the ’80s are always in style, meet The Body Rib Unitard. Take everything you love about a stretchy tank top and double it. Not only are you comfy and cute, but you’re effortless, too.

The unitard is an instant outfit with endless possibilities. Keep it simple and flip through the free movies in your hotel room, or layer an open button-down cover-up over that number to go ask the concierge about booking a facial.

Simple and Stylish

So, you want to keep it classic? We hear you. Try the Hatch Layers set. It pairs well with everything from a cute skirt to an Aperol spritz (a sip or three is fine!)

No Cold Shoulders Here

The sun is shining! Oh, wait, that’s actually your dress.

Bring the heat to hot flashes with this stunning yellow Off-the-Shoulder Moment. We love an off-the-shoulder style flowing maternity dress that feels like our swollen feet are literally walking on sunshine.

Mamas Who Swim

One Piece To Rule Them All

Let’s discuss the Little Black Dress of Swimsuits. Nothing beats a Deep V Neck Bathing Suit to feel like you’re on with the tropical greens and soft white towels wrapped around you on vacation. The playful Antigua Maillot one-piece is our personal swimwear must-have for a maternity vacation wardrobe.

The Perfect Set

Trying to give that baby bump its own pregnancy glow? We get it! A shiny sun-kissed belly is a mama’s best and most coveted accessory. We recommend bringing that two-piece Zanzibar Bikini with you.

Take a beach walk in this ruched orchid or black number, and you’ll have other preggos complimenting you at every turn. And hey, if you want to keep your impeccable style a secret, we won’t tell.

No matter what suit best suits you, make sure to apply a little extra sunscreen when you step out poolside.

Mamas Who Move

Short and Sweet

Some mamas lounge, some mamas move, some mamas do both. And all mamas look awesome. Especially when they get their groove on in a good pair of Bike Shorts. We’re obsessed with ribbed bike shorts for a more stylish take on activewear.

You’ll get in tons of exploring and adventures in a quality pair of these shorts that you can rock during your pregnancy and after your little one arrives.

A Leg Up

Feeling like a little more coverage while you explore unknown territory? Simple answer: do it in maternity leggings. Our favorite garment for vacation is — yeah, you guessed it — the Body Rib Legging. This piece is elevated and chic but will keep you totally comfortable as you stretch out over your partner’s airplane seat and fall asleep on them.

That Extra Dazzle

Silky Smooth

Every good vacation features at least one special night out on the town. Whether you’re trying out that hot new resto or you’ve bought tickets to the Italian opera, you’ll want something that makes you stand out.

Put aside the everyday looks and shine a little brighter. We dream of an evening silk gown like the Harlow Gown. Silk will hug your baby bump in the perfect way and make you feel like the most glamorous mama on the island.

Crisp and Clear

Want something a bit lighter, a bit brighter? Opt for a crisp linen dress like the Carolina Dress instead.

You’ll still be elevating your everyday vacation wear in something like this, but it works for your daytime window shopping, too. White linen dresses are classy, airy, and make your tan look that much deeper. Word.

Our Favorite Fun Maternity Vacation Ideas

If you need some tips on where to head for your maternity vacation, we’ve got you covered! Below are some of our favorite maternity vacation locales:

If you need some tips on where to head for your maternity vacation, we’ve got you covered! Below are some of our favorite maternity vacation locales:

The Beach

If you’re looking for a sunny spot to chill while you’re expecting, there’s nowhere better than the beach. Soaking up some sun rays, dipping your toes in the ocean, and strolling down the white sand is the definition of relaxation. Remember to pack that sunscreen and get ready to relax!

There are plenty of gorgeous beaches across the coastal United States, and many are public and free to visit (but probably bring cash for parking… and lots of snacks). You might be surprised by how short of a drive you have before arriving at a sandy paradise.

A Nearby Art Town

Want to absorb some arts and culture? Look for an art town near you. Cities that pride themselves on their theater performances, live music, creative cuisine, and eye-catching street art are everywhere in the US, and these are perfect places to explore while pregnant.

While there, rock ruffle rompers or a sundress. Maybe even paint some new art for your baby’s room — taking the term “smock dress” to a whole new level.

If you live near the east coast, check out Charlottesville, Virginia, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Charlotte, North Carolina, or Atlanta, Georgia, to name just a few. For our west coast mamas, we recommend paying a visit to Ojai, Santa Fe, Portland, or Austin.

The Mountains

If you’re not a beach gal, you might enjoy heading for the peaks instead. Mountains are some of the most incredible natural marvels of the world, and they’re scattered across many states. If you live on the East Coast, head for the Blue Ridge Mountains for a scenic drive or a gentle hike on one of the peaks. For West Coast folks, the gorgeous mountain ranges of Washington and California are the perfect starting points.

Dress warmly in cardigans and maternity jeans for clothes that can keep up with an active adventure or chilling by the fire.

Have a Staycation

If you really just need some rest and relaxation but don’t want to travel, why not take a staycation? Soak up the sun in your backyard, enjoy reading a book inside, or make yourself a luxurious breakfast and eat it in bed. Pamper yourself, honey! It’s loungewear o’clock.

Hot Mom Summer (Winter, Spring, and Fall)

Going on vacation, especially when pregnant, is a must. You get to go fetch those extra rays of vitamin D and spend all your time focusing on YOU. Plan for your pre-baby vacation to feel extra special by packing your suitcase with the perfect maternity vacation clothes.

Carry your suitcase in hand (and your baby in belly) as you head on the best vacation ever.