5 Mamas on Birth Planning Expect the unexpected.

By Babe

Pregnancy can feel like one long road to the finish line—but what happens at the end is most certainly the main event. How can any mom truly plan with so much uncertainty?

We spoke with 5 mamas who share their philosophy on birth planning. The over/under? Trust your instincts, expect the unexpected, and do what’s best for you and baby.

Hannah Bronfman

DJ + Wellness Guru

“Recently, I joked to my husband that, ‘I kill it at the main event. I’m trained to show up, perform, and do a great job!’ So, while everyone seems focused on the labor (the main event), I feel I’ve got that in the bag and am more interested in postpartum and healing. ”

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg

Health and Wellness Guru

“We’ll go to the hospital after my water breaks, and I’ll give it all I got, but if it doesn’t happen naturally, then the safest thing for me to do is get a C-section, as my scar could rupture. I have such a different mindset now. I’m planning to go with the flow and I’m putting the whole thing in God’s hands.”

Cassie Ventura Fine

Singer, Model, and Actress

“With the state of the world (and hospitals), there’s something to be said about knowing when I’m going to the hospital and going home. Either way, my top priority is that the baby is healthy and comes into the world stress-free.”

Sarah Paiji Yoo

Co-Founder, Blueland

“Considering the times we’re living, I’m grateful this is my second as I was much more overwhelmed with the first and incessantly googling. After having gone through it once, I realize there’s less urgency around pretty much everything.”

Brandi Rhodes

Pro-Wrestler and TV Star

“I’m not an overthinker, but I am working with a doula and planning a hospital birth. I’m hoping to have a natural delivery, but if I can’t, hey, I can’t, and we’ll be ready to do whatever is necessary. My goal is simply to have a healthy, happy baby at the end.”