Celeb Stylist Jamie Mizrahi Talks Maternity Denim Style and Going Full Jean Tuxedo Because Britney.

By Babe | Images courtesy of HATCH

Celebrity stylist Jamie Mizrahi knows a thing or two about rocking maternity denim. As a mother to two little boys, she has nearly 20 collective months of pregnancy style under her belt, and as founder of Kit Undergarments, understands how to make an outfit go from good to drop dead insane. Plus, if you’re showing up to A-list events, fashion shows and Hollywood parties for clients like Katy Perry, Nicole Richie and Adele, our hunch is you’ve got to keep your look on point, too.

In honor of our new denim collection, we polled Jamie on her tips for looking and feeling great in jeans throughout pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

What are some tips on choosing your best fitting maternity jean?

It’s all about the waistband! Theres an under the bump band, side paneling or over the bump. It’s all a matter of preference and what’s most comfortable for you! Make sure there’s enough stretch and room to grow (literally) into them!

What are the styles or fits every pregnant or postpartum woman should have in her denim wardrobe?

I always love a classic high rise ankle crop and a high rise straight leg. I personally think It is nice to have that extra support of a high waisted jean to feel “held in” for postpartum.

How do you feel about the belly out trend? (the idea of showing your actual bump with an open top etc?) How would you style it?

I think if you’re comfortable and confident… anything works! … I love the idea of a low rise skirt and a bohemian top with a little belly showing!

What are some of your favorite iconic denim / shirt combos?

I instantly think of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake!! I love a Canadian tuxedo.