Mama As Muse These female creators are taking on the pregnant body.

By Babe | Photo by Abbey Drucker

Mothers and mother-to-be have long been a source of artistic expression for men, but now a new crop of female artists are taking back our bods for their own form of artistic interpretation. These aren’t some holier-than-thou “Madonna and Child” portraits, either. Rather, these women are shining a light on the reality, rawness and intimacy of pregnancy and postpartum through their own lens. Check them out, below.

We The Mamas by Meg Stackerking

This series by @megstackerking features motherhood in the year 2020, with portraits shot entirely over FaceTime.

Mother by Abbey Drucker

A new series by the artist showcases the pregnant female body in all its rad glory as well as intimate moments of motherhood.

The artist known as Bri only shoots herself, but shows the reality of pregnancy, parenting and relationships.

Mothers by Mayan Toledano

The Israeli-Moroccan photographer shoots women in the various stages of pregnancy, with work that’s at once intimate yet empowering.