Elvie Smart BodiesElvie Smart Bodies

Elvie Launches “Smart Bodies” Campaign In Honor of #IWD We are magnificent!

We have long loved our friends at Elvie for their high-tech, not-made-in-the-dark-ages breast pump and accessories, but our love intensified today, International Women’s Day, upon the launch of Elvie’s IWD campaign that leaves us feeling SEEN.

“Smart Bodies,” Elvie’s latest campaign (which can be seen on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, VOD, and TikTok) aims to bring to life the benefits of Elvie’s unique technology for all women’s bodies and shed light on their “biological complexity beyond their aesthetic value.”

Elvie continues to hear from women that they want respect and recognition for their bodies no matter their size, shape or stage of life – and don’t want to be held to societal standards,” said Aoife Nally, Chief Marketing Officer of Elvie. “As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s time we bust long-standing taboos and create tech that women deserve. Our goal is to empower and enable women to achieve everything their bodies are capable of.”

Elvie teamed up with Mother London and Eva Lazarus, a multi-genre artist and breastfeeding mother, to create an anthem that truly champions the smartness of women’s bodies.

“I wanted to get involved with Elvie on this new project because of the fears I had prior to becoming a mother. Normalizing all of the associated experiences of womanhood/motherhood are so important and as a new mum I found it liberating to celebrate how inspiring it is that our bodies are undeniably smart and strong,” said Eva Lazarus. “I would love women to take that away from this campaign and feel emboldened. We are magnificent!”

Learn more about Elvie, its amazing tech-savvy products, and watch additional BTS content from the Smart Bodies shoot over at Elvie.com.