pregnant woman in profile in long dresspregnant woman in profile in long dress

Formal Maternity Gowns: it's a thing

By Babe

Formal maternity gowns: are they necessary? Are they worth the investment? Or are they one of those things that everyone says you absolutely need for your pregnancy journey but don’t end up using? (Looking at you, scrapbook kit.)

Scroll through our handy guide for all you need to know about formal maternity gowns. We have the black-tie looks for when you inevitably decide that you must have the perfect maternity gown. 

What Are Formal Maternity Gowns?

When we think of formal or evening dresses, often our first thoughts go to wedding dresses and prom dresses. But why should they have all the fun? Pregnant women can have that “all eyes on me” formal moment as they walk dramatically down a winding staircase. 

It doesn’t take much detective work to figure out what formal maternity gowns are. They’re pretty dresses for pregnant mommies to wear and feel royal in. They’re everything you’d look for in a formal gown, adjusted to accommodate the tiny human you’re hauling around in your belly. 

A formal maternity gown highlights your raw natural beauty. It’ll flatter your pregnant figure, show off your baby bump, and be more comfortable than you could imagine.

Why Formal Maternity Gowns? 

At some points during your pregnancy, you may think dressing up is the last thing you feel like doing. Staying home, getting rest, and eating well are first on your checklist of pregnancy priorities. On top of that, you might need to keep up with work or take care of the kids you already have. 

If you’re getting hit with morning sickness, swollen feet, and pregnancy headaches, you might be thinking, “Why on earth would I need to wear a formal gown during pregnancy?”

And at that moment, you’re 100% right.

However, there will also be times during your pregnancy when you don’t feel bombarded by uncomfortable side effects. That’s encouraging to know and hold on to when your body and brain feel out of sorts. 

In addition, there will be times during your pregnancy when you feel absolutely blissful. Your pregnancy glow will be in full effect. The bundle of joy you’re holding inside of you will overflow and radiate out into the world. Picturing these moments of your pregnancy, can you see yourself all gorgeous in a formal maternity gown? 

Pregnancy is a celebration of life, and you need the right maternity clothes to help you celebrate in style. Or, maybe throwing on a body con cocktail dress or a tulle party dress is just what you need to bring a little normalcy to your life.

When Do You Need Formal Maternity Dresses?

You don’t have to be pregnant for long to realize that although there are many changes going on in your life, life around still carries on as usual. That could mean that people are still getting married and inviting you to their wedding or that your boss is having that ridiculous birthday party on a yacht. 

Since you may not fit into your usual rotation of tried and true gala and wedding guest dresses, you have the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a pretty dress for a special occasion. 

Holidays are also an excellent chance to put on something fancy. Unless you get pregnant in January or February, you’re probably hitting several major holidays during your nine months of baby baking. 

You can wear a formal maternity gown to family gatherings, holiday work parties, and for the New Year celebration… even if you celebrate from home and go to bed before the ball drops. You still gotta celebrate: It’s the year your child will be born and change the world forever!

Whatever your reason, let’s review some red carpet-worthy maternity wear:

Floral Print Maternity Gowns

Floral dresses are a consistent favorite, but there’s just something special about wearing flowers during pregnancy. It’s the freshness it brings. It’s the new life they represent. It’s the nurturing care that both flowers and babies need and that mom so lovingly provides. 

A floral maternity gown is a one-way ticket to an adorable maternity outfit that will look appropriate wherever you choose to wear it. Once you have it, wear it, love it, and notice how comfortable it is, you’ll find every excuse to wear it again and again until the baby comes (and then a few more times because the HATCH collection is great for breastfeeding, too). 

The Cosette Dress

The Cosette Dress comes in two boho floral colorways. It features a stretchy material, a fully smocked bodice, and flutter sleeves. Flutter sleeves, mama. That means you’ll float around like a beautiful butterfly.

This is a wonderful baby shower dress option. Can’t you just picture yourself as people tell you how gorgeous you are and shower you with love and gifts (from the registry, please)? 

The Jami Dress

The Jami Dress has a dainty floral pattern, functional sleeve ties accenting billowing long sleeves. The Jami is a versatile silhouette that can smoothly transition between different dress codes.

It’s a definite winner for outdoor weddings or a summertime maternity photoshoot with your baby bump

Polka Dot Maternity Gowns

The Tori Wrap Dress

Harness your inner Cruella DeVille or Jessica Day with this white dress with a sleek V-neck number. In addition to the timeless pattern, The Tori Wrap Dress features a lightweight and luxurious fabric with just a touch of sheen. This sleeveless midi dress is lightweight; it goes anywhere you want to go feeling cutesy and put together. 

It also has adjustable straps you can adjust as your body continues to change during pregnancy. This way, you can wear the same garment through your pregnancy update photos so your following can fully understand how magical your body is. 

Maternity Gowns With Ruffles

Ruffled dresses just hit different. They’re fun and fancy. They’re cute and classy. And when you combine ruffles with your growing belly and maternal countenance, your presence exudes a joy that goes beyond understanding or need for explanation.

The Jenna Dress

The Jenna Dress is a perfect example. It’s a wear-all-day gown made from linen and Tencel. It’s offered in both black and canyon rose, and yes, it has ruffled shoulders. Plus, this pastel number can double as the perfect nursing dress, thanks to the unique button neckline. 

The Charlotte Dress

Let’s talk evening gowns with that cold shoulder aesthetic; this strapless floor-length number is a deeply formal option. If you need more ruffles in your life, you’ll want to take a look at The Charlotte Dress.

This number is a sleek and classy one-shoulder maternity dress with a lightweight sheen material and silicone tape along the top to prevent slippage. Keep it casual and warm with your fav maternity sweater.

The chic silhouette is streamlined and striking — instantly iconic. The daring V-neck is complimented by the capri-length pant legs that work with both heels and a cute pair of mules. The Georgie Jumpsuit easily transitions from day to evening wear. With infinite styling options and adjustable straps, the only thing holding you back is your imagination (and your baby’s bedtime at 7:30). 

Classy Black Maternity Gowns

Black is a staple color for everyone, hence the enduring power of the transformative Little Black Dress. But the LBD dress doesn’t need to be little. We have the LBD for pregnant women in every stage of their growing belly. 

These black maternity evening dresses speak for themselves. With pristine cuts and materials that create a bold, timeless, yet easy-to-wear look, let’s chat about this best-seller.

The Fete Gown

The Fete Gown is a versatile maternity maxi dress. It’s long, flowy, and can be worn in two different ways. One style is to cross the straps in the front. This will cover up more of your chest but still look sexy with how the straps cross in front and go around your neck. 

The other way is to wear it with the straps going straight back over your shoulders. This look shows more cleavage. Both ways look stunning. It’s a two-for-one that you don’t need to be pregnant with twins to enjoy. 

The Slouch Dress

The Slouch Dress is a great short sleeve piece to wear casually or to dress up. It will always be one of your most comfortable options. 

Pregnancy Dress for Success

From weddings to holiday gatherings, to dinner dates, or grabbing groceries: there’s no bad time for maternity gowns. 

Anyway, you’re the pregnant mom, so what you say goes. If that means putting on a floral gown to go to your doctor’s appointment, that’s what you should do. 

Plus, you want the perfect gown with your dress to take progress pics in the same dress as your baby and belly continue to grow (and glow). 

People always say to dress for the job you want. With HATCH, it’s easy to get started on being the Cool Mom ASAP. The word is that pregnancy gets a bit easier once you have the perfect black maternity gown you can count on for any situation.