woman in jumpsuit with babywoman in jumpsuit with baby

The Definitive Buyer’s Guide to Maternity Jumpsuits

By Babe

Maybe you’ve always loved jumpsuits. Maybe you came around to liking jumpsuits when you realized all your co-workers who really look like they mean business walk around in big sunglasses and… yes, jumpsuits. Maybe you’re just sick of trying to put together an outfit with so many different pieces, and you simply cannot be bothered anymore. 

Whatever brought you here, we are so glad to have you — and your growing bump (say hi to that baby in your belly for us!).

At Hatch, we live, breathe, and vibe with maternity and nursing style and care. We know that sometimes it can be hard to style a body that is changing faster than Twitter feuds. The last thing we want is for you to feel discouraged by your beautiful growing belly.

As lovers and proponents of jumpsuits, we are here to help you discover the exciting, wide array of maternity jumpsuits available today. With a maternity jumpsuit in just your style, you can care for your changing body and still look like the powerful, stylish person you’ve always been. 

As motherhood approaches, you’ve got a million and one brand new things to think about. From cribs to formula to preschool… wait, you’re getting ahead of yourself. You need to buy diapers! 

Take at least one decision off of your plate by picking out a few cute jumpsuits to get your days started feeling capable and cute.

Keeping It Casual 

If you’re in the “I don’t want to think about my outfit” camp, welcome to the world of casual jumpsuits: The loungers, the easygoing pieces, the ones that will feel like a second skin. 

Maternity jumpsuits are just as convenient, if not more convenient, than your regular pairs. They’re roomy, comfortable, and just structured enough for that chic and effortless style you’re hoping for. 

Your go-to jumpsuit will have to be the cozy cotton t-shirt Walkabout Jumper. Something soft and in a neutral color is unbeatable for everyday wear in almost any setting. Consider this your MPC default look. It’s the essential “This is me!” jumpsuit that’ll keep you comfy and confident all week. 

A Little More Casual 

For the utmost casual options, you can slink into a onesie. There’s more than just one maternity onesie style to choose from. Start with a classic: The Knit Onesie.

You can wear it as is on warmer days and layer a long-sleeve turtleneck underneath for an easy transition into the winter. Layering is the name of the game when it comes to hot flashes or when you are feeling like an adorable little ice cube.

If you’re looking for that onesie comfort that could pass as a high fashion runway jumpsuit for when you have to run out for a quick yogurt run (your cravings are getting more specific and time-sensitive), try one in a wrap V-neck with a waist tie. Both the V and the synching of the waist create a silhouette that will turn heads in the dairy aisle. 

A Little Less Casual

If you want to take it to the next level to step out of your comfort zone, you might want to try a pair of linen overalls or a stretchy, fitted unitard. We think linen overalls are the perfect solution to overalls for mamas who can’t stand stiff fabrics right now.

Did we read your mind? Sensory sensitivities are completely normal for pregnant people (and not pregnant people, too). Sometimes you want the look without the feel, uh-huh, we totally get it. 

Some of you might want something that feels less cute, more hot. Especially when it’s hot outside. Well — you’d better get yourself that unitard, babes. Something about the thin straps and delicate form reminds us of the French fashion houses.
And we can all agree the French are nothing short of chic and classic, always. Hauté couture for when you are feeling just too hot.

For the Movers and Shakers

Is it time to finally take the pottery class you’ve been thinking about ever since your old pal from high school started sharing her ceramic bowls online? And oh yeah, we know you’ve been meaning to take your dog for beach walks like they do in the movies. You’re quite the ambitious one, new mama!

When conquering your next hobby, you’ve got to get into some gorgeous new maternity overalls. Yes, ma’am; we’re talking real denim of all kinds.

Here’s our quick mini-guide to overall style:

  • If you’re the artsy type, try a fresh pair of white denim overalls. They automatically make you look like a painter, and they can even be dressed up with the right shoes and accessories. Or, keep it super casual with a soft plaid t-shirt and a messy bun.
  • If you’re an active type, you can never go wrong in classic blue denim. Rent a bike and cruise down that beach boardwalk. This is the OG way to get those beachy waves.
  • If you’re an inquisitive, bookish type, lean into your brainy charm in vintage-inspired railroad striped overalls. It’s time to publish that poem, you modern Dickinson, you. 

If this whole thing has given you any apprehension, have no fears because the next best classic jumpsuit is here.

We believe the perfect alternative to denim overalls that still packs the same Americana punch is an army-inspired collared green jumpsuit. Meet The Luna. The long sleeves on this one give just an extra bit of “I’ve got it together”-ness, too. 

Mama’s Going Out

Okay, the errands have been run, and the work has been submitted. It’s time to select “No” when your favorite streaming service asks if you’re still watching and go out to have some real fun. Elevate your evening look with a jumpsuit that stands out.

Maternity jumpsuits aren’t just about coziness and comfort… you can totally opt for a look that’s just as sexy as you feel and still just as easy to throw on. 

If you’re looking for a suit that can take you out for window shopping in the nicer part of town, try something dynamic but understated — like a partial button-up with a wrap tie. The buttons stopping at the top of your belly in combination with the waist tie create contrasting visual lines. These features will honor your baby bump while accentuating your natural form. 

If you’re thinking about checking out the new musical your friend from New York won’t shut up about, opt for a black jumpsuit like The Georgie Jumpsuit.

The chic silhouette is streamlined and striking — instantly iconic. The daring V-neck is complimented by the capri-length pant legs that work with both heels and a cute pair of mules. The Georgie Jumpsuit easily transitions from day to evening wear. With infinite styling options and adjustable straps, the only thing holding you back is your imagination (and your baby’s bedtime at 7:30). 

Mama’s Nursing

You’ll feel so good in your jumpsuits you’ll almost forget you have to nurse! Unless, of course, you’re wearing your nursing jumpsuit. We really do think of everything, don’t we? If you wondered how you’d nurse in something that covers you from head to toe, let us remind you of buttons and introduce you to slits. 

If you want to keep it classic, you’ll absolutely love the soft and sweet buttoned options for nursing jumpsuits. Try one with long sleeves, or go for the flirty tank top style jumpsuit. Either will make for easy nursing access and still maintain a cool vibe. Yes, “cool mom” starts here. 

If you want to try something a little different and style-forward, grab a jumpsuit that features a double fabric front with secret slits. You can keep up a more clean-cut look that can take you from the coffee shop to the office without sacrificing the option to nurse. 

The best thing about any of these nursing jumpsuits is that they can double as regular jumpsuits, too. Even when you’re not nursing, each of these styles can be worn at home or out and about.


Being a parent isn’t very straightforward — it’s complex, nuanced, and full of opportunities for growth and expansion. You’ll be juggling all kinds of tasks and parenting ideas while doing all the typical things to keep your life moving.

A jumpsuit, however?

Pretty straight-forward. A single choice. A one-and-done outfit that exudes cool, calm, and collected… even when you’re far from. With the range of style and function, we hope you’ve found one or two maternity jumpsuits that work for you. We’re confident that in the right piece, you’ll feel as good as you look.