Raising Socially Conscious Kids As told by six moms.

For all of 2020’s challenges, it was the year society became aware of all that moms were doing behind the scenes, even as they were asked to take on more. As we kick off Women’s History Month, we’re reflecting on what it means, as moms, to raise feminists. Because never has it been more important to foster empathy and strength in all of our littles.

Natalie Manuel Lee

Small in stature with a big personality, Natalie is about to give birth to her first baby and the second season of ‘Now With Natalie’—a docuseries interviewing the likes of Hailey Bieber (oh, no big deal) and other rad humans on their faith journeys. 

Here, this sparkling mama-to-be talks connecting with her community, raising the next generation, surrendering to her body, and living with purpose.

“Girls being born at this time are going to be POW…ER…FUL!”

Holly Liss

Bright and thoughtful, Holly, the founder of ENLISST (a mission-based social media agency working with some of LA’s coolest brands), and goop alum, has a babe on the way with her husband, the co-founder of Sweetgreen (which means easy access to that Caesar dressing, score!).

We caught up with this magnetic mama on learning to let go of control through Covid-19, raising conscious children, taking maternity leave as a solo entrepreneur, oh, and her daily wellness practices (perineal massages, evening primrose oil, and Medjool dates, anyone?).

And, not for nothing, but anyone who counts Mariah Carey’s ‘Emotions’ as their pregnancy theme song, is a win in my book. Just saying

“Fostering antiracism, diversity, and equality in the next generation across race, gender, and class is critical to our future.”

Rachel Nicks

Dynamic, spirited, and as authentic as they come, this actress, fitness guru, and doula gives it to us straight. 

Pregnant with her second child, after healing from a miscarriage, we caught up with this real-deal mama in LA to chat letting go of mom-guilt, and advocating for others.

“I’m outspoken about everything because it’s all connected from sizism to feminism, racism and economic inequality.”

Rocky Barnes

Fashion star and social media darling, Rocky is refreshingly real and pregnant with her first. 

Here, this sparkling mama-to-be sounds off about overcoming her fear of sacrificing her career to have a family, raising a boy as the roles of men (and women) shift, plus feeling empowered by other moms in the fashion industry, her bump style, spicy margaritas, and avoiding pregnancy books.

“Traditional roles of males (and females) are changing and the balance and social expectations for boys have become more complicated, with no clear definitions.”

Whitney Tingle

One half of the duo behind Sakara (our fave plant-based meal delivery service ever), this high-vibe beauties was pregnant with a boy in Sedona. Here she shares her hopes and realities of pregnancy: feeling empowered, prioritizing (yet not always succeeding) self-care, texting constantly “Are gigantic nipples normal?”, birthing centers, nourishing everything, and eating veggies (of course).

“Regardless of gender, I want him to have strong morals, a big heart, open-mindedness, compassion, treat everyone as equal, and the ability to embrace his uniqueness.”

Carly Cushnie

We caught up with this dynamic, stunning mama (both inside and out) on her work-life-slash-home-life with two under two, her birth experience during Corona, and what it means to raise Black daughters today. 

“We will have to teach our girls the importance of loving themselves and accepting all people.”