Seema Bansal Chadha The Venus ET Fleur co-founder is going with the flow.

By Babe | Photos by Ashley Barrett

When she’s not creating luxe floral arrangements for the fashion set (her blooms last a full year!), the Venus ET Fleur co-founder is busy growing the brand she founded with husband, Sunny and planning for the birth of her son in just a few weeks.

We sat down with Seema to chat maternity leave plans, her chic-yet-comfortable preggo style and how going with the flow is the mantra she lives by.

How are you feeling?

Up until this last month of pregnancy I was feeling really great. Now that I’m in my 37th week it is getting more challenging and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I am super excited to meet my baby and for him to join the world.

How has your pregnancy been going so far?

It’s been such a surreal experience, from the random cravings to feeling him do somersaults in my belly. Obviously, like any pregnancy, it hasn’t been the most glamorous but it’s definitely been a life-changing journey in all of the best ways.

Do you know what you’re having? (if not, do you think you know what you’re having?)

Yes! We are having a boy. Soon our little Windsor will be earth-side, and we cannot wait!

Can you share your path to pregnancy?

At the beginning taking this path was a bit of a surprise, but a very happy surprise nonetheless. Fortunately, the path has been very smooth. Sunny and I have always planned to start a family but didn’t plan to start at the time that we found out, so when we found out we were pregnant, we were overjoyed.

Can you share the self-care rituals and/or lifestyle habits that have helped you during your pregnancy?

Self-care has always been a daily practice of mine but now that I’ve been pregnant I’ve been indulging in self-care more frequently. One of my practices is exercise. I’ve continued to do low intensity workouts like reformer pilates throughout my journey and I really feel it’s helped me stay in sync with my body as it changes. Other self-care practices I’ve been doing a lot more frequently are meditating, taking relaxing baths, going for outdoor walks and slowing down to spend quality time with family. I am really just doing more of the things that make me feel fulfilled. I think it’s so important to take extra time to care for yourself because ultimately when you create an environment that you feel good in you’re doing the same for your baby.

It’s definitely been a life-changing journey in all of the best ways.

What’s something that’s totally surprised you about being pregnant?

I think what’s been really eye opening is that everyone has their own journey, and that no two pregnancies are the same. It’s a really humbling experience. You have to go with the flow and do what’s best for you and your baby! I also have learned so much useful information about pregnancy overall and I am so grateful to all the providers that have made my pregnancy so smooth.

Can you describe your diet and whether you’ve had any cravings or aversions? How have you been eating?

My diet has been pretty regimented. I have always been a reasonably clean eater, but now I am extra mindful of what I am putting into my body. On the same note I have allowed myself to give into pregnancy cravings like Andes mint chocolates, banana bread, matcha sweets, and the best of all: Nobu chicken and waffles.

Let’s talk style. What have you been wearing or gravitating to? Pieces you’ve been obsessed with?

My pregnancy style has been pretty chic yet comfortable. Overall, I’ve been really embracing my bump by wearing tight fitted clothing. I like a good balance of elevated athleisure and dresses with heels. I’ve always loved to dress up, so experimenting with fashion during this journey has been really fun. I would have to say my daily go-to clothes have been biker shorts and unitards. I’ve been OBSESSED with The Body Rib Unitard Short from Hatch.

Tell us about Venus ET Fleur! What’s it like working with your partner?

Venus ET Fleur is a luxury gifting company that Sunny and I started six months into dating. VEF was born due to an underwhelming floral experience. Sunny had sent me flowers for Valentine’s Day and they were wilted and nothing like the photo.This disenchanting experience led us on a mission to further elevate the luxury floral industry by creating arrangements using our special real roses that last a year. 

Working with Sunny is amazing. We definitely have our moments, but we work really well together and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

What are your maternity leave plans? How do you plan on managing your business with a newborn?

I would be lying if I said I was planning to take a ton of time off. I will definitely take time off to recover and bond with my baby, but I’d love to get back to work and work out as soon as my Dr. and body allows. While I am so incredibly lucky to have an amazing team to rely on while I’m gone, it’s still hard to be removed when you’re a co-founder.

What’s one piece of advice you’d like to share to women on the beginning of their pregnancy journey?

I would say the one piece of advice is to really cherish the process. My relationship with my body and appreciation for it has changed so much during this journey. It’s truly magical. Oh! Also invest in plenty of belly oil and cream and apply generously. They will be your best friends when it comes to avoiding stretch marks and itchiness as you grow.

What are your hopes for your child?

I have so many hopes for Windsor, but the biggest one is to simply raise him to be a strong person with a good heart and even better energy. We hope to raise him in a way that results in him doing great things and having an amazing impact on the world.