Never Not Crushing On Dads (especially today)

By Babe

We’ve got a thing for dads, it’s true. So, whether you are one, have one, are about to be one, or are doing life with one, this is for you. Here to give the men in our lives some love, a few of our favorite dads weigh in on fatherhood. 

Robert McKinley

Creative director, designer, hotelier, father of Marella and husband to @katenauta

“I love spending time with my daughter and watching her experience life. I am amazed to see her discover who she is and who we are. I get lost imagining who she’s going to be and knowing that I will love her forever.” –@robertdmckinley

Jon Sellerz-Jackson

Grammy-nominated producer, father of Jax, Jupiter, Jedi + life partner to @bstereo

“The journey of fatherhood requires yet provides the greatest life opportunity of responsibility & reward. By raising three boys, I am able to raise a kinder and gentler future.” – @jstereogram

Gray Malin

Photographer, father to twins Dove and Max, husband to Jeff Richardson.

“All we can do is our best, show them as much love as possible and enjoy the real “life” moments, in the moment, that occur every day.” – @graymalin

Ryan Lory

Chef, father to Joie & Jett, husband to @sexdoccarli

“I get joy in watching my daughter and son interact together because I know when we are gone, that will be the family they have and their bond is very important to me. I also love seeing my wife’s personality in my daughter, as I continue to fall in love with her every day.” – @chefrylo