9 Nursing Hacks You NEED to Know Real mamas weighed in.

By Babe | Photo courtesy of @annstreetstudio

We polled our community for all the little tricks of the nursing trade to deliver you the ultimate list of breastfeeding hacks.

You’re welcome.

9 Essential Breastfeeding Hacks

“If your baby isn’t latched properly, it freaking hurts. Tickle their mouth with your nipple and once it’s open, you can bring them to your boob for a better latch.”

“Postpartum brain is real. Get a baby tracking app to keep track of feedings. You can record stats like when you last breastfed, which side, for how long, and more. I like Baby Feeding Log, Feed Baby, and Baby Tracker.”

“Make a comfortable breastfeeding station where you have everything you need right there at all times. Mine has an extra water bottle, snacks, my nipple balms, and my phone charger.”

“It seems obvious but get your breast pump before you give birth. You’ll have time and a clear mind to get properly fitted shields before you have zero time for anything else.”

“Give your baby something to play with while nursing with a DIY breastfeeding necklace with giant beads. Anything to keep them from pulling your hair!”

Milks savers are another product to catch any precious leaking milk. Save that liquid gold mama!”

“Use cold cabbage leaves to keep from breast engorgement.”

“Buy pacifiers with cover caps, pour breast milk into the cap, insert the pacifier and freeze. You’ve got breast milk pacifiers!”

“Give your memory a boost with Mammary Minders, which magnetically attach to your bra so you know which side to nurse on next.”