"It was the first thing that made me feel pretty since getting pregnant." One mom on the dress that saved her vacay.

By Babe | Photos by HATCH

“I had a roller-coaster of a first trimester. Essentially, I spent more time hunched over the toilet than I did planning out my new life with baby. Not to mention the fact that my skin broke out like crazy. I hadn’t had that much acne since I was 13. My boobs were sore. I was exhausted and barely a shell of myself.

Then my husband decided we were going on a babymoon. It didn’t matter that I could barely stomach saltines, let alone a plane ride, virgin margaritas and guacamole. Despite how I felt about my growing body, my face, and my troubled circulation (did I mention the kankles?), I bought a new dress and got on the damn plane.

In the end, I was glad I did. By the time we left for our Caribbean all-inclusive, my nausea had subsided as I hoped it would, and this dress was the one thing that made me feel pretty since getting pregnant. I felt like myself, just bigger – and without tequila.”

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