“This is the One Dress That Made Me Feel OK About Nursing in Public.” Peep it.

By Babe | Photo courtesy of HATCH

In our series, The One Thing, we’re polling women on the one thing that saved them during pregnancy and postpartum. Whether it was a shirt that got them out of the house and back to work, or a jumpsuit that made them feel just a bit more put together in their 39th week, these are the pieces that helped our mama community manage just a bit better on the journey….

“I used to hate nursing in public. I’m fully all for it for everyone else, but maybe I’m just incredibly repressed but I couldn’t wrap my head around whipping out my boob at the park or on a plane without feeling highly uncomfortable.

This is the one dress that made me feel ok about nursing in public. There’s something about the way this dress buttons in the front that makes it look like I’m not even breastfeeding. It’s the most low-key nursing outfit I’ve come across, where my baby’s head looks like it’s just flush to my body. It’s totally changed the way I go about my day because I used to have to run home every three hours and I just felt trapped in my own insanity. This nursing dress is the one thing that made me feel comfortable about breastfeeding my baby literally anywhere.”