You Don't *Have* To Wear The Hospital Gown We've got wayyyy better options.

By Babe | Photo by HATCH

During pregnancy, there’s a lot you have to do. Eat well? Yep. Get plenty of rest and hydration?

Check. See your medical provider on a regular basis? You know it.

Then, once you get to the hospital, there’s a lot more you’ll have to do.

There’s the paperwork and the various testing. There’s getting strapped into machines and electric doo-dads that beep and bop and turn colors. Oh, and let’s not forget the major item on to-do list: channeling that rockstar warrior goddess and bringing your baby into the world safely.

But here’s one thing you don’t have to do: wear that gnarly hospital gown, like ever. Odds are that once you arrive, you might be in labor for hours. There’s a whole “hurry up and wait” vibe to this gig, and why wait in an itchy, uncomfortable paper cloth? Plus, once it’s time to start pushing (if you deliver vaginally), you’ll likely be naked underneath hospital blankets anyway.

Fortunately, our buds at HATCH have the whole pregnancy and postpartum thing figured out, including some super cozy, luxe pieces to bring to the hospital to wear during your stay – all bundled together in one sweet box. It’s just one less thing to think about on your journey to mama.