This Jacket Is The Ultimate Maternity Twofer It works under your coat on entirely on its own.

By Babe | Photo by HATCH

Sure, you can just wear your heavy parka for the rest of the winter. But these days, with nary a snowflake in sight, we’re all about rocking the very on-trend winter layering move, where we pair a lighter jacket beneath a heavier coat to reach optimum warmth without all the bulk. After all, when you’re 17 months pregnant, aren’t you bulky enough?

Take, for example, the Emi Quilted Bomber by HATCH. An updated play on the classic bomber jacket, this baby’s got cool cotton quilted detailing and side zippers that allow it to grow with you from month to month, but it’s streamlined enough to fit under a trench, pea coat, or that heavy coat you’ve barely touched this season. Best of all? Come springtime, you’re good to go with your new favorite warm weather jacket, and maybe even a baby, as well. Talk about a winning proposition.