"This Shirt was the One Thing That Made Me Feel OK Going Back to Work Postpartum" It's a classic for a reason.

By Babe | Photos by HATCH

“I thought the 4th trimester was a physical clusterf*ck – way beyond pregnancy. No one really talks about that. Obviously, you expect your body to change during pregnancy, but when you’re postpartum, you just feel both not yourself but also not pregnant. It’s almost worse. Not to mention if you’re nursing, your boobs are constantly leaking, you’re still bloated, and whoah, the hormones.

This was all fine, by the way, when I was sitting at home with my baby. It was when I had to go back to work and be a functioning member of society that I really started stressing out. Then I discovered the HATCH Classic Buttondown – a nursing friendly, loose-fitting style that looked cool and chic but also let me be me underneath it all. It gave me an easy pulled-together look that worked even in the most professional settings. I think it saved my career.”