What These Founders Love About Being Women Right Now In honor of International Women's Day!

By Babe

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we polled some of our favorite female founders on what they love most about being a woman right now. We don’t have to tell you that sometimes, things can feel a bit bleak for us ladies, but today, we celebrate the community, the camaraderie and the badass spirit of being a WOMAN.

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Ariane Goldman

Founder, HATCH

“I love the female community I’m a part of. The wisdom I’ve gained as an entrepreneur, a mother, and a friend, and the community where we’re all supporting each other is incredible.”

Alex Friedman

Co-Founder, Lola

“My favorite part about being a woman right now is that I get to build upon everything that has been accomplished by women before me. Women’s History Month is a time to reflect on the valuable changes women have made in workplaces that allows me to establish a business (with Jordana!) that creates a future of reproductive health and equity for all. I love the domino effect of inspiration that comes from powerful women!”

Jordana Kier

Co-Founder, Lola

“What I love most about being a woman right now is the multiple hats I get to wear on a day to day basis – business leader, mom, wife, friend, colleague. It can feel exhausting sometimes (ok, most of the time!) but I try to remind myself that a multilayered life keeps things interesting and enables me to continuously stretch and learn.”

Steph Hon

Founder, Cadence

” In an otherwise often solo journey of being an entrepreneur, I love the deep sense of community and commitment that exists between incredible women who have chosen to build together, create change, and support each other.”

Dana Loia

Founder, Dana’s Bakery

“I’ve always felt powerful as a woman, coming into my own and running my own business as well as being a great friend, sister and wife. But becoming a mother and raising my two daughters has taken my my appreciation to the next level. The physical and mental challenges we face on a daily basis are not for the weak!! We are super hero’s, with super powers.”

Cyndi Ramirez

Founder, Chillhouse

“What I love about being a woman right now is less about being a woman and more about aging. I’m entering my late 30s right now and it’s amazing to think how cringe that used to sound to me in my 20s. Well, I’m here and it’s fucking fabulous. My life is only getting better with age. I hope more women know that being a woman gets better with age — and that they embrace the years going by.”

Jessica Rolph

Co-Founder, Lovevery

“As my daughter Bea gets older and continues to mature more and more every day, I love witnessing the bond grow even stronger between her and my own mom, someone I’ve looked up to my entire life. There’s something so special about this time and what we’re able to share across generations as women in very different stages of life.”

Kate McLeod

Founder, Kate McLeod

“I love embracing the varied aspects of femininity across different areas of my life. My co-founder and I run our business intuitively- it’s the same place from which I guide my children. The same focused fire that helped get this business off the ground and off my kitchen table, got me through my last birth. The gentleness, empathy and understanding that I practice in my marriage are the same values I bring towards our culture. I love being a woman in a time when being a full woman is not only valued and celebrated but truly needed and called upon.”