Your Official 2023 Horoscope "It's a year of connection and nourishment to yourself, to your spirit, and with others."

By Sofia Adler | Illustration by Ana Hard

This is an astrological reading for the collective for 2023.

Based on what is happening in the skies, this is a year of connection, of nourishment not only to the self, but the spirit. This year is about doubling down on the fact that we need each other, that our connections, our community, is what makes the world go ’round. It’s what makes us feel the most alive. It’s what makes life worth living.

This year has a bit of a slow start. The real momentum of 2023 doesn’t kick into full gear until March. We ended 2022 with two retrogrades. Mars is in retrograde up until January 12, and we also ended 2022 with Mercury being in retrograde. So we start this new year in review. It’s not a year that is necessarily all guns blazing, full steam ahead at the start. This is a year when we think about connection and nourishment. 

It’s a year that shows us from day one that we can look back to look forward, that we don’t need to rush into something new. The new year from a calendar perspective is in the midst of Capricorn season. Capricorn season is about refinement, focus, slowing down, and turning inwards. If we take a nod from nature, it looks like everything is dead outside – depending on where you live. The trees are barren. The ground is frozen. The animals have gone into hibernation, but the truth is this season of Capricorn is when we’re planting our seeds and sowing our earth. So it’s aligned with nature and the universe to start a year off with a slower pace – to look back on what worked, to take stock of what didn’t, to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished, and then use that moving forward. So again, early 2023 starts off slow. Give yourself permission to rest, to nourish yourself, and to take care that the momentum will come.

So let’s fast forward to March. 

The first big date of the year is March 7, 2023. This is when Saturn is moving into Pisces. Saturn has been in Aquarius since December, 2020. So it is making its move from Aquarius into the watery, connective, empathetic sign of Pisces. For those of you who have Saturn in Pisces in your birth chart, you are coming into either your first, your second, or maybe even your third Saturn Return.

If you have Saturn in Virgo or Gemini, you will have a Saturn square this year.

If you have Saturn in Sagittarius, or in Gemini, you will have a Saturn square upcoming. If you have Saturn in Virgo, you will have a Saturn opposition. These mark big moments in life, big periods of change in life. It’s stepping into a new chapter of life. Going back to the collective Saturn, it’s moving into Pisces. Saturn is about stability. Saturn is quality control. When we are influenced by Saturn in our lives, there’s an energy of consolidation, doing less, setting boundaries, saying no, prioritizing decluttering, being very clear, and seeing the truth in things. Saturn tends to bring about an energy that faces us, forces us to say excuse me, to look at things that we haven’t seen before or that we didn’t want to see before.

For Saturn moving into Pisces, this speaks to a need or requirement from the stars to root into our emotions. Pisces is empathetic. Pisces is sensitive. Pisces is the mystic, the poet. There’s something here about getting grounded in your inner world, finding a connection to how you feel, no longer just driving forward nonstop. Instead, it’s taking a look at what’s happening internally for you. What is the state of your inner world? How can you be more compassionate? How can you commit to a spiritual practice? It doesn’t have to be woo-woo but what is a practice that connects you to something bigger? It’s much harder to do that when you’re moving guns blazing, full steam ahead. So this reflective energy at the start of 2023 is really setting us up.

There’s also a need for boundaries. What’s on my side of the street and what’s on your side of the street, but not at the sake of sacrificing connection. But instead, how do we solidify our bond with other people and in doing that, making sure we’re not taking on too much? We are being asked to connect to our soul. We are being asked to connect to how we feel.

Then, on March 23, good old Pluto, the planet of transformation, moves into Aquarius. This ends a 15 year run of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto brings about destruction and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Pluto gives us the strength, the power to break down what is not working and how to rebuild it.

Moving into Aquarius suggests that there will be shifts and changes next year as it relates to technology, as it relates to how we understand the collective and that community. Aquarius is the sign of belonging, of being our own authentic and unique versions of ourselves, and yet being a part of something greater than us. Aquarius is the visionary, the futurist, the rebel. So this would suggest some sort of transformation or shift around humanity, like the way that we interact with one another. You can think of a Pluto activation as being like the caterpillar, the catharsis going into the cocoon, and diving deep on something. You know, navigating power and control dynamics, figuring things out – really rooting in and getting to the bottom of things.

And so with again, Pluto moving into Aquarius, it’s like, what’s working for us? How do we relate with one another? How do we see ourselves as a piece of a bigger community? You know, there’s been this radical transformation in how hard we work, the way that we work, what we’re expected to do for work, and what work looks like whether or not we go into the office. Those are all Pluto influences on these Capricorn themes of work and structure and foundations and money and power.

Then pushing forward to May 16, the next big juicy day in 2023. Mark this on your calendar. This is a big one. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, the planet that represents luck, opportunity growth, learning discovery, exploration, up leveling – Jupiter is set to expand everything that it touches. Jupiter will move out of Aries and into Taurus, where it will remain for a year.

Taurus is so nourishing. Taurus is so delicious. Taurus is about pleasure. Taurus is about taking care of ourselves, connecting to the body. It’s soothing, restorative, stabilizing, calming. Taurus likes to indulge. Taurus likes the finest wine, the coziest slippers, and Jupiter expands everything that it touches. So starting in May, what does it look like to take care of ourselves? What do you need? How can you infuse more pleasure into your life? Taurus is about grounding. Taurus is of the five senses of the body. You’re going to have to pay attention to what your body needs. The days of pushing yourself to the brink, of ignoring the signals of burnout or stress or anxiety are gone. There is a need to connect to your physical being. There is a need to nourish yourself, so this will be a very different shift. 

The other thing I want to note about Taurus is that Taurus also has to do with money. So there’s something to be said for when Jupiter moves into Taurus on May 16. It’ll be there holding great potential for it to be a very lucrative time. A very free flowing financial time. And again, there’s this receiving, this nourishment, what makes us feel good, and leaning into that when Jupiter moves into Taurus. The last thing I’ll say on Taurus, is that it also represents what we stand for, our values. So again, you know, leaning into what makes you you. What are the structures that make you feel solid and grounded in your being and in your body for 2023 and inviting you to lean into that.

And then on July 17, we have a nodal switch from Taurus and Scorpio into Aries and Libra. So the nodes which rule eclipses and astrology are going to be moving into the two signs Aries and Libra. They all have to do with relationships that have to do with the balance. Between me and you, it’s between the self and the other. How do we show up for ourselves? And how do we show up for the people in our lives? The nodes in astrology are very much on a collective soul level, on big collective transformations. So again, it’s about connection. Do they need to be shaken up? What opportunities are coming your way? There’s an unpretty, unpredictability to the nodes. That means that there’s infinite possibility. So again, I will reiterate, this is not a year for doing it on your own. This is a year for doing it together as one.

And then finally, the last big event of 2023 happens July 22. It extends until September 3, and then the end of 2023 is a bit more quiet. But we will have a Venus retrograde in Leo, starting on July 22, lasting until September 3. Venus goes retrograde the least of all the planets. Venus represents what we value, what we desire, what brings us pleasure, what brings us joy, what turns us on, where there’s an opportunity to spice things up. Where can we revise and review? Where can we deepen rather than plow forward on these themes of what turns us on, and what we desire, and what not makes us feel safe?

It’s an opportunity to really double down on things that fill you up, that light your soul on fire, that make your body tingle, that make you smile and smirk. Venus is going retrograde in Leo, the zodiac sign that has to do with creativity, self expression, pleasure, sex, kids, joy, being bold, being loud. So again, what do you desire as it pertains to stepping into your truest version of yourself? Your loudest version of yourself? Your most creative and self expressed and pleasure-filled?

These are the main big hits to keep in your mind and normalize, even if you don’t have the juicy details. You don’t have to remember them. The big thing to remember is 2023 is a year of connection and nourishment to yourself, to your spirit, and with others. 2023 is also the year where hustle and grind culture is officially over. Cancelled. 2023 is about normalizing the fact that working hard is not what makes life worth living. And success and leadership is not linked to disconnecting from our bodies and building stress or working so hard that we’re not able to live and enjoy our lives.

You can slow down to speed up.

You can slow down and be grounded in your principles, your worth, and what you stand for and get everything that you want and more.

That is the key to unlocking the abundance of 2023.