Your Self-Care Needs, According to Your Moon Sign It's not all yoga and spa days.

By Babe | Photo by HATCH

It’s easy to reduce self-care to bubble baths and yoga. But, if you take the time to understand your most fundamental self, you might come to realize that self-care can look dramatically different based on the zodiac, and in particular, your moon sign.

According to astrologist Sofia Adler, when you add your moon sign to the mix, it can help you take the first step in practicing your version of self-care, because it’s knowing who you are, how you feel, and how the hell you’re doing in any given moment. Sometimes self-care looks like a dinner out with your girlfriends, and sometimes it’s a spa day.

“Every planet in astrology represents or rules a part of the body,” says Adler. “The moon rules the belly and the breath. But the moon also feeds us and nourishes us. So that’s why we look to the moon for self-care. It’s the idea of what’s going to make us feel fed or nourished? Your sun is your identity, but then your moon is what you need and what nourishes you.”

So, as we turn to the season of giving – the giving of your time, space, energy, and everything else the holiday season sucks up, we asked Adler to break down which self-care practices will nourish you according to your moon sign.

If Your Moon is in Aries…..

An Aries moon needs to know they matter. An Aries moon wants to be first, to lead. So for Aries, you know when you need self-care. But an Aries needs to remember that self-care is not selfish and that in order to shine, in order to lead, they need to prioritize themselves and their needs. Aries can be known as the fighter. A way for Aries to optimize that energy in a self-care practice is to stand up for what you love, to go out and advocate for something, or let off steam or heat by working out. Do things that are physical, that drop you into the body, that let you blow off steam. Those are all great areas of self-care practices. Also, it’s remembering that self-care isn’t selfish and doing something that’s all about you also requires your saying, ‘Hey, I’m unavailable for that.’ It’s setting a boundary without shame, and without fear.

If Your Moon is in Taurus…..

If I had to pick one word for Taurus for self care, it would be simplify. Taurus is about moving slowly and steadily, and step-by-step. The Buddha was a Taurus. So for Taurus, chances are that anxiety or stress could be causing your nervous system to be in disarray.

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It’s because there’s too much stuff in your space. So that could literally look like organizing your house, or taking things to Goodwill. Also with Taurus, it’s allowing yourself to move slowly and steadily. It’s not in the Taurus nature to rush. We live in a world that is always move, move, move, move. There’s no time for rest. And it’s about rest. Because Taurus is an earth sign, Taurus likes to work hard and build something. But it doesn’t have to be done in a way that feels manic. It can be very consistent and diligent. So for Taurus, self-care could be yoga, or a long walk, something that allows you to drop into the body that Taurus rules. Taurus is also ruler of the five senses. A Taurus Moon loves really nice things. So maybe it’s a meal at a restaurant that has a beautiful environment, in a place that’s very uplifting. Taurus likes to be comfortable and cozy. So it’s the clothes that make you feel most at ease, the candle, the perfume, the food. It’s really prioritizing comfort.

If Your Moon is in Gemini…..

For Gemini, self-care is to talk about it. Call friends, scholars, therapists, whoever in your community is an outlet for you. That is the number one way that Gemini can practice self-care, because Gemini is the communicator, the speaker, the educator. An example of when you need self-care would be to go out with your friends or go for that walk, or do that activity with people that you love, so that you can cultivate that social part of you. Also, don’t hold it in, let it out. Maybe you journal about what’s kind of tripping you up, maybe you record a voice note just release to it and then let it go. Because if you start to write what your mind is thinking, it slows down the speed at which you’re thinking because your hand can’t write as quickly as you think. So that’s a way to slow it down for Gemini. Also get curious about whatever is bothering you, or coming up for you. Because Gemini loves to learn and has such a strong zest for knowledge, the more that you can understand things, the more comforting that will feel. Often self-care is said to be a slowing down, a calming energy. But for Gemini, I would argue that they need that. They need that movement that’s fun to shake things off.

If Your Moon is in Cancer…..

For Cancer, self care is allowing yourself to feel, to cry it out. Let yourself be emotive. Remember that emotions are not weak, they don’t make you vulnerable. They actually make you stronger. The gift of Cancer is to feel. Cancer moons are very sensitive. Also, self-care could look like putting up a boundary, like telling someone, I actually can’t take this on right now. I’m not in a place to hold this for you or for anybody else. I need to prioritize me. Cancer moon is comfort. It’s snuggling at home with a blanket on the couch, maybe with a heating pad. It’s snuggling your dog, being with family, feeling what you feel and also inviting in those that are closest to you so you can be the most to you, and allowing them to nourish you. Also cooking. Pick a recipe and make a home cooked meal. The act of nourishing yourself through food is a way to cultivate that self care practice.

If Your Moon is in Leo…..

Then we have Leo. Self-care for Leo is going out and having a good time. Leo is thinking, how fun it is to enjoy? To go play? Something that a Leo could do is ask themselves, what does my inner child need? She wants to cry, she wants to yell, she wants to punch a pillow. You know, she wants to go to the playground. There is a lightness to Leo, a joie de vivre. Leo is associated with the heart and the spine. So think about what your heart really desires. In that moment, I would say drop the logic and reason by the wayside for a minute. Instead of thinking about what I should be doing, or what’s the logical way to approach this, for Leos, I want them to cut that. I want them to drop in, feel into their heart and just seek something that brings them joy and brings them pleasure. But it also makes them feel proud.

If Your Moon is in Virgo…..

Virgo self-care is similar to Taurus, but it’s a more detail-oriented emphasis when a Virgo needs to practice self-care. So in what ways can you organize? In what ways can you get things into place? A self-care practice could be making a list of all the things that you’re doing, right? Because Virgo is really good at seeing what’s missing in the self and the environment. So self-care practice for Virgo it to give yourself credit for what you’re already doing and what has already been done. Acupuncture and cupping, any sort of Eastern medicine practice is actually associated with Virgo. It’s getting into the body, reading a personal growth and development book, carving out the space and the time to do something that makes you feel like you are growing and expanding, because Virgo is a zodiac sign associated with personal growth and development.

If Your Moon is in Libra…..

Libra is the zodiac sign of relationship, and beauty and harmony and balance. Someone who is a Libra moon might go to museums, or an art exhibit that represents beauty that adds color to your life, that allows you to see kind of the harmony that exists all around you. Make plans with the people that you love. Don’t be by yourself. I think this is a really great example of why astrology for self-care can be so potent and powerful, because oftentimes self-care can be associated with alone time or something like that. And for Libras, self care very much looks like being with the people. They’re cultivating the relationships that really build them up. Libras are also known as those who have the most beautiful homes and the best table-scapes and integrating design into their spaces. So maybe it’s a creative project or looking at ways to add more beauty into your day.

If Your Moon is in Scorpio….

self-care for Scorpio is alone time, it’s taking space be by themselves being in and by the water. You know Scorpio is associated with this idea of still waters run deep. Scorpios want to get to the bottom of something, so self-care practice for Scorpio could be to read a mystery novel or a book that’s suspenseful and also to think of something that you’ve been interested in and allow yourself to dive down the rabbit hole to learn all about it or by binge-watching series. Finding silence and stillness, putting your noise cancelling headphones on and just diving deep into you and blocking out the world a little bit. It’s also having perspective for yourself and people in your life that help you lighten up and keep perspective, because Scorpios have a a propensity to dive so deep.

If Your Moon is in Sagittarius….

For Sagittarius self-care is going out and having an adventure.

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By whatever that means, go out and have a good time. Sagittarius is the wanderer or the traveler, the adventurer or the seeker. Sagittarius colors outside the lines. So you know, giving yourself permission not to be in one place. Also self-care for Sagittarius is not focusing on where you are, but allowing yourself to dream big, allowing yourself to think about the future. Sagittarius is always looking to the horizon. Sagittarius likes to indulge, so maybe you pick up that box of chocolates that you love, or that glass of wine, or just a thing that you don’t usually let yourself have. It’s really important to have fun, like Sagittarius is also a zodiac sign associated with comedy and humor. So pull up your favorite SNL skit or go on Netflix and watch a series. Prioritizing laughter and silliness and play is really supportive for Sagittarius. And also, cultivating a sense of adventure.

If Your Moon is in Capricorn….

Self-care for Capricorns is setting boundaries and creating systems and structures that support you. It’s getting clear on what feels unruly in life, and how can you create structure around it. Capricorns are associated with work. So for Capricorn self-care, it’s allowing yourself to fall into work out to the point that it’s escapism, but allowing yourself to feel supported and strengthened and proud of yourself because of what you are creating and what you are doing. It’s taking a step back to look at the big picture to think, okay, what am I building? What am I creating? What am I giving to the world? And just viewing wherever you are in that moment as a stepping stone to where you’re going. It’s picking a passion project or something that allows you to dive in and dig deep. There is no zodiac sign that is more ambitious or driven than Capricorn.

If Your Moon is in Aquarius….

For an Aquarius, it’s letting your freak flag fly. Don’t spend one more minute trying to conform, trying to be who you think you should be or the way that people want you to be. Aquarius as a centric Aquarius has to do things their way. They’re incredibly smart. Aquarius is known as the genius, so how can you use your mind? Is it reading a book or watching a documentary? It also has to do with giving yourself permission to be yourself. Aquarius is also big into technology and design. So if there’s a project you’ve been wanting to work on, or going to museum, incorporate more art into your life.

If Your Moon is in Pisces….

Self-care for Pisces, similar to Cancer, is allowing yourself to feel. Pisces are very sensitive, very empathetic, very emotive and creative. So that could be cooking, or walking a creative path to get to your doctor’s appointment and not following the most strategic or direct way. It can be playing music, crafting playlists, reading poetry, engaging in art or spiritual practices that make you feel connected to something bigger than you, like meditation or Reiki. Those are all great practices for Pisces for self-care. And I would also say for Pisces, taking it slow and again setting boundaries, because Pisces can take on everybody else’s stuff.

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So for Pisces, I would have them ask themselves the question, Is this mine? Is what I’m feeling mine to carry or can I let it go?