But Do you Have a Nursing Nook? Everything you need, in one simple spot.

“After I had my son and started nursing and pumping basically all the time, I created what I called my nursing nook in the corner of our living room. It had everything I needed at all times so I was never running around and rounding everything up constantly. My nook always had my water bottle, wipes, burp cloths, my Boppy, some Aquaphor and an Ipad charger, but feel free to stock yours with whatever you might need. Make your nursing nook work for you.”

– Samara S, mother of two.

Do you have a special spot where you and your baby spend time together nursing that is not only super comfy and cozy but also super practical and well-stocked with all your nursing essentials? 

Today, we’re here to talk all about nursing nooks and what that might look like in your home. 

What Is a Nursing Nook?

A nursing nook is a dedicated area that you designate as your space to nurse your little one at home. The nook is well-stocked with all things nursing and has everything you and baby need during feeding time

A nursing nook is more than just a well-equipped area with all your nursing supplies, though. It is also an intimate corner in your home that provides a unique opportunity to bond with your new baby. 

Where Should My Nook Be?

Your breastfeeding station should feel like a cozy nest — a zen space where both you and baby feel comfortable together. There is no “right” location for your nursing nook other than somewhere that gives you a sense of security. 

Some mothers prefer a more closed-off area in their home to offer peaceful privacy during each breastfeeding session. If this is something you prefer, you might choose somewhere in your home where you can close the door or pull a curtain shut and dim the lights.

A secluded “lactation station” locale is helpful if your baby is prone to be distracted by comings and goings. When a babe turns their head to look at who walked into the room, they can yank their head — aka sore nipples for mom. 

Other mamas prefer a more open area for their nooks so that they can be close by to all the other “house happenings.” If this sounds like you, you might prefer a more socially accessible nursing nook as opposed to a quieter, more isolated space. Consider arranging a section of your living room into your breastfeeding station. 

Whatever area you choose for your nook, keep in mind that you’ll likely want access to an outlet. You’ll thank yourself later when you want to use your phone charger during those late-night feeding moments. 

What Should I Have in My Nook?

Think of your nursing nook as your very own safe space or sanctuary for you and baby to bond together. There are so many options for making your nook your own when it comes to furniture and supplies choices, not to mention the essentials for an effective and nutritious feeding session

Let’s explore some of our suggestions for how to set up your nook so that you feel ready to take on breastfeeding any time of day or night. Check out our nursing essentials guide for even more ideas on how to stock your nook. 


  • A Comfy Chair…

…And by comfy, we’re talking so-plush-it’s-like-I’m-sitting-on-clouds. Regarding furniture, a comfy chair that supports your back and your arms is essential. Newborns require round-the-clock feeding every few hours, so you will spend many hours sitting in that chair while you help them reach their adorable state of well-fed, happy, and sleepy. 

You can choose the comfiest chair that already exists in your house (such as a well-cushioned recliner), or perhaps you want to order a nursery chair. Rocking chairs or gliders are a fabulous option because they can help create a sense of calm. Plus, their soft back-and-forth motion can help rock your baby back to sleep in no time after your late-night sessions.

  • A Footstool 

From constant feeding to cleaning to errands to watching your little one like a hawk, you’re probably on your feet a lot as a new mom! Having a place not only to sit and rest but also to kick back and relax is vital. A footstool to elevate your feet can help you feel even more relaxed as you quite literally lean back into feeding time. 

  • A Small Table

Whether it’s a side table or a nightstand, a tiny piece of furniture to hold supplies you can reach without getting up again after sitting down is so important. Keep your water bottle here for easy access, as well as hair ties, your phone, snacks for mom, and extra washcloths for spit-ups. Put everything in a caddy to make an on-the-go breastfeeding basket to streamline the operations. 

Comfy Accessories for You & Babe

You’ll probably want a lumbar pillow to support your back and a couple of super soft blankets to wrap yourself in for the late-night feeds. Come the fourth trimester, comfort is a top priority.

In addition, a nursing pillow to support your precious new little one during each feed can come in handy to provide some relief for your arms and to help stabilize baby during feeding time. 

Nursing Essentials

As a new mom, your body works incredibly hard to produce a constant milk supply for the tiny human you just popped out of your body like a badass. A steady milk supply can sometimes mean constantly sore and tender breasts, so keeping some nourishing Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm nearby to nurture your chapped nipples can feel like a lifesaver sometimes. 

Reusable breast pads, or nursing pads, are also useful to have on hand for easy use in between feeds. Hatch’s Anti-Leakage Nursing Pads, made from durable, adorable, and remarkably soft OEKO-TEX® certified cotton, are designed to fit seamlessly along your bra neckline. With neutral color options to match your nursing bras with no show-through, they come in a reusable cloth pouch for easy storage. 

If you’re looking for more breastfeeding tips, we have you covered with our ultimate breastfeeding hacks list, with personalized tips from different mamas out there. 

Pumping Essentials

If you’re an exclusively pumping kind of gal, then include your breast pumps and all their charging cords and accessories close by in your nook for easy access. You can even keep your pumping essentials in a basket next to your nursing chair and add baby bottles and nipple shields so that everything you need is right next to where you sit. 

For Baby

What would a nursing nook be without baby products? Burp cloths, baby wipes, diapers, and a changing pad or table are all essentials for a nursing station. 

For easy access, you can store your diaper bag in your nursing nook. That way, you’ll always have wipes, diapers, a changing pad, diaper cream, and towels nearby. 

For Mom

It’s easy to focus on what you need for your precious little one, but don’t forget about yourself! It’s important to keep supplies that will make your life easier during each breastfeeding time with baby. 

While your main wardrobe is probably in your bedroom, you might want to start an extra “mini” closet in your new special nook. For your nursing nook wardrobe, we recommend keeping a few nursing bras, cozy clothes, and maternity sleepwear on hand. 

What Else Should I Consider?

Think of your ultimate self-care routine. When you close your eyes and envision your pampered self, what’s there in your space with you to make it happen? Whatever it is, consider adding it to your nursing nook. 

Whether it’s your favorite lotion, a cozy robe, nice-smelling candles, an aroma diffuser, or a speaker, make sure you have some of your favorite comfort items on hand to help pass the time during each feed. Your nursing nook should feel special and chill, so a little self-care and support can go a long way to creating a safe and homey space for you!

Make Your Nook Your Own 

A nursing nook is your special place where you will spend many hours of one-on-one time nursing with your little one. Whether it’s a corner of your living room or a more private and intimate closed-off space, your nook should feel relaxing.

There are a few breastfeeding essentials that can help make your nook feel usable. These might include a supportive nursing chair, a basket of nursing and/or pumping supplies, pillows and blankets, a few items for the baby, and, last but not least, a few extra wardrobe options for you.