Celeb Stylist Jamie Mizrahi on Bump Style and Her No-Plan Plan

Hollywood’s cool-girl stylist, Jamie Mizrahi, is pregnant with her first and taking a go-with-the-flow attitude towards pregnancy. Herein she dishes on her bump style, the most unexpected thing about being pregnant, and her no-plan plan. @sweetbabyjamie

Current state of mind?

Well, I’m due any day now, so basically, that’s my state of mind.

Boy or girl?

We’re having a boy. The plan, as of now, is to name him after my husband’s father, Yale. But who knows, I’m winging everything these days.

Unexpected about pregnancy?

The vomiting. Every. Day. I’ve had to take medication throughout my entire pregnancy to attempt to mitigate my sickness, which has been difficult. It’s hormonal apparently, but as a result, I’m very ready to have our baby.

What have you been craving?

Anything cold! Namely ice and smoothies. Plus, I eat a ton of bread and butter. I’ve been gravitating towards bland and straightforward foods that are easy to digest and not too flavorful or heavy on spices. I also started eating meat again, because I was craving it, whereas, in my “real” non-pregnant life, I typically eat very clean — mostly vegetables and salmon.

Are you sticking to the Do-Not-Eat-While-Pregnant List?

For the most part, I’m avoiding the list of items you shouldn’t eat while pregnant, mainly because nothing on the list seems even remotely appealing to me as it makes me nauseous.

Are you working out?

I usually work out a lot, but throughout my pregnancy, I have not been doing much. I initially tried to stay active, but I’ve been so sick which has made it extremely difficult. I did some pilates and Body By Simone in the beginning, but even walking has been challenging because of the pressure on my belly.

Thoughts on raising a boy these days?
Wellness during pregnancy?

I get a lot of massages because it feels good on my body. I’ve also been doing lymphatic drainage massages, which I’d never done before. Apparently, they’re also good for you even when you’re not pregnant, so I’ll probably keep doing them. I’ve been going to this place called Ricari Studios which is with machines and a special outfit — it’s incredible. Overall swelling hasn’t been too severe, but I notice it more towards the end of the day.

Your pregnancy style?

Honestly, I haven’t worn pants in ten months, and I’ve been rotating between about twelve outfits. I live in slip dresses with belts and sandals, plus cardigans and coats at night. My style skews relaxed and comfortable. Also, it’s been 90 degrees in LA plus pregnancy  — important to factor that in too.

Flats or heels?

Flats— in my “real” and pregnant life.

How are you planning to take maternity leave?

I’m playing it by ear. I have a ton of jobs coming in and a great team of people that work for me — we will manage. Although I don’t imagine that I’ll be able to sit still and nest for very long anyways — I tend to work all the time, even when I’m supposed to be relaxing.

What’s your birth plan?

There’s no plan because it never goes as planned. I like to feel things and what feels right, and my feeling is, that it’ll all happen the way that it’s supposed to. Of course, I’ve thought about things like whether I want to take placenta pills or not — which I am — but as far as how the actual birth will go down, I have no idea. No one can predict that.

What’s coming up?

I’m working on Juicy Couture, styling, plus a new project. But mainly, I’m having a baby! It’s all good and big, but my plan right now is not to have a plan because I don’t know what it’ll be like to be a new mom.

Any advice…

Know that no two people are the same, so everyone is going to have a different experience throughout the whole process. I also think it’s essential not to have expectations or grand plans because it’s fun for all of these things to unfold and you deal with them along the way. If I would’ve said, “I’m going to work out the whole time and eat only healthy food,” then I would’ve set myself up for disappointment. However, I didn’t do that. So instead, when I eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I don’t feel bad about it, and I just let myself do it.